Hey, Amity Spartans, It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over!

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Jan 082022

The Amity Boys Ice Hockey Team lost its fifth consecutive game this afternoon at the Bennett Ice Rink in West Haven. With a 1-5 record, some may think that they “stink” but, I see it differently.

The Spartans have potential and, like 13 other teams in their division, they simply haven’t been very lucky YET this season.

Did you know that the once powerful and feared West Haven Blue Devils haven’t won a single game this season? Do they Stink? No, they still have time to turn things around too, as do the other 13 teams, plus Amity.

There are ONLY five teams that are doing relatively well this season, including three that are undefeated so far, according to the records on the CIAC website as of this afternoon.

Here’s what I found:

The 14 Unluckiest teams
West Haven: L 0-4, L 6-3, L 2-10, L 3-4
Amity: W 1-5, L 6-1, L 5-0, L 8-2, L 4-0, L 4-1
Staples: L 1-5, L 2-9, L 2-3, W 3-1
Immaculate: L 5-6 (ot), W 4-3, L 7-3
Milford CoOp: L 6-1, W 3-1, T 2-2, L 1-7, L 4-0, L 1-9
Branford: L 2-4, L 2-6, W 5-4, L 3-4, W 4-0
Cheshire: L 9-7, L 5-6, T 3-3 (ot), L 2-3, W 5-1, L 3-5, W 4-1
Daniel Hand: L 0-4, L 0-3, L 0-4, W 3.2, W 8-1, L 4-5, L 4-5, W 4-5
Guilford: W 5-1, W 5-1, L 1-5, L 2-3
Newtown-New Fairfield: W 6-5, L 1-5, L 0-5, L 2-5, L 0-4, L 0-3
North Branford: W 4-2, W 3-1, L 0-6, L 1-8, L 2-6
Glastonbury: W 4-2, L 1-4, W 6-0, L 1-5, L 0-3
Watertown-Pomperaug: L 4-5, W 3-0, W 5-0, L 1-8, L 1-5, L 1-4
BBD: W 6-3, W 6-3, L 8-2
Successful Teams as of Jan. 8:
Lyman Hall: W 8-1, W 6-5, L 4-5, W 3-2, W 6-3, W 5-2
Sheehan: W 7-3, W 11-1, W 8-1, W 2-1, W 5-3, W 6-2
Fairfield Warde-Ludlowe: W 6-5 (ot), W 6-3, W 5-0, W 10-2
North Haven: L 1-8, W 6-0, W 8-2, L 1-3, W 3-0
New Milford: L 3-7, L 0-6, W 5-2, W 4-0, W 4-0

Of These five, Amity is still scheduled to play three of them: Sheehan on Jan. 25, Lyman Hall on Feb. 2, and New Milford on Feb. 16. Good Luck Amity, You can do this! The season isn’t over yet!

Outdoor Track: Amity Boys and Girls Come Out On Top

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Apr 102015


Aaron Rattley took 1st place in the 110 Hurdles.

Amity hosted the Foran, Lyman Hall, and Guilford track teams in Woodbridge on Thursday for a chilly, yet impressive day of competition.

Amity boys defeated Foran and Lyman Hall and the girls bested Foran and Guilford.

Familiar names, like Rattley, Reed, Battat and Beaudette, Criscuolo and Duhl all came out on top.

Amity is off to a great start for the 2015 season.


Amity wins two
(at Woodbridge)

Team results: Amity 131, Foran 19; Amity 124, Lyman Hall 26; Lyman Hall 82, Foran 66

100: Mensah, Koby, Lyman Hall, 12.19. 1, Berkovich, James, Foran HS, 12.19;

200: Battat, Michael, Amity, 24.55.

400: Mohseni, Aria, Amity, 54.70;

800: Beaudette, Kyle, Amity, 2:04.97;

1600: Cannata, Timothy, Amity, 4:43.58;

3200: Yoo, Nicholas, Amity, 10:56.72;

110 hurdles: Rattley, Aaron, Amity, 16.40;

300 Hurdles: Kuchachik, Collin, Amity, 44.43;

4×100 Relay: Amity (Whitehill, Matthew, Mohseni, Aria, Monteiro, Josef, Battat, Michael), 45.14;

4×400 Meter Relay: Amity (Whitehill, Matthew 15, Washington, Daikichi, Beaudette, Kyle, Mohseni, Aria), 3:40.49;

4×800 Meter Relay: Amity (Arovas, Matthew, Crane, Connor, Caldwell, Myles, Purcell, Brendan 15), 8:23.00;

High Jump: Mosley, Austin, Amity, 5-8;

Pole Vault: Woolley, Ryan, Lyman Hall, 11-0

Long Jump: Mosley, Austin, Amity, 19-04

Triple Jump: Woolley, Ryan, Lyman Hall, 39-10.50

Shot Put: Greifenberger, Cameron, Amity, 42-09

Discus: Greifenberger, Cameron, Amity, 115-00

Javelin: Post, Matthew, Amity, 145-01
Records: Amity 2-0, Lyman Hall 1-1, Foran 0-2


Amity wins two
(at Woodbridge)

Team scores: Amity 95, Guilford 51; Amity 111, Lyman Hall 34; Guilford 108, Lyman Hall 31

100: Reed, Zoie, Amity, 13.07

200: Reed, 26.87

400: Shaw, Chloe, Guilford, 1:05.03

800: Taggart, Melissa, Amity, 2:34.46

1600: Guerra, Jacqueline, Guilford, 5:39.13

3200: Stofflet, Sydney, Guilford, 12:14.23

100 hurdles: Duhl, Lauren, Amity, 17.90

300 hurdles: 1, Duhl, Lauren, Amity, 51.46

4×100 Meter Relay: Amity (Beedle, Alissa, Hill, Christine, Duhl, Lauren, Reed), 52.75

4×400 Meter Relay: Guilford: (Guerra, Jacqueline, Lauzier, Rachel, Vicino, Erica, Dostie, Paige), 4:35.53

4×800 Meter Relay: Amity (Gorham, Lisa, Leyden, Grace, Taggart, Melissa, Criscuolo, Emily), 10:19.99

High Jump: Ciola, Shauna, Amity, 4-04. 1, Foley, Ann, Amity, 4-04

Pole Vault: Gado, Alanna, Lyman Hall, 7-00; Long Jump: Dostie, Paige, Guilford, 15-05.25.

Triple Jump: Dostie, Guilford, 31-01

Shot Put: DelVecchio, Stefanie, Amity, 27-05.50

Discus: DeMarco, Lauren, Guilford, 77-00

Javelin: Moscato, Zoe Marie, Amity, 103-02.

Boys Soccer: Two Consecutive Wins And A Tie for the Spartans

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Oct 162012

Phil Brodsky

Lots of action at the Oct. 9 home game.By PHIL BRODSKY

Orange Live Sports Writer

 Sponsored by Resnik and Resnik

Last week was a good week for the Amity boys soccer team. The Spartans defeated Southern Connecticut Conference rivals East Haven (7-1) and Lyman Hall (3-1). In addition Coach Mike Marchitto’s boys settled for a 1-1 tie with Shelton. Following all that action, Amity currently has a 9-1-1 record.

The Spartans jumped out to a 2-0 halftime lead over the Easties thanks to goals by Joe Guerra (with help from Dean Schwartz) with 19 minutes, 22 gone in the first half. Aaron Cooper (assisted by Simone Kantore made  it 2-0 at 36:32.) East Haven’s Jhalmer Cambizaca spoiled Spartan netminder Griffin Volta’s shutout bid when he beat him at 38:40.

In the second half, Amity (leading 2-1) blasted five more shots past Yellow Jacket goalie, Gennaro Gagliardi. Those shots were booted home by Ian O’Brien-Cannon (assisted by Jeremy Conn on a corner kick) at 53:14, Evan Donohue (assisted by O’Brien-Cannon on a corner kick) at 59:09, Guerra (assisted by Kantor, who fed Guerra with a perfectly placed cross) at 60:07, Schwartz (from Justyn Broderick on a cross that Guerra settled and then drilled home) at 69:25, and  Matt Whitehill (assisted by Schwartz,) at 72:35.

According to Marchitto, “This was a total team effort. We played great against East Haven, which quite honestly is less than a challenging team. During the last three to five minutes of the game, they never touched the ball. I finally told my guys to stop trying to score.

Amity outshot  the Jackets 23-4 and Volta was called on to make only four saves.

The Lyman Hall match was much closer. The Spartans outshot the Trojans 15-12.

After  his dash down the right side , Ricky Mayer slid a left-footed cross to Schwartz and he banged the ball into the net at 3:00. The score remained 1-0 until O’Brien-Cannon headed home a corner kick by Conn with one minute left in the first half. Shelton’s Claudio Lobello scored the only goal of the first half.

“Ian has a big, powerful header,” Marchitto said.

At 78:48 Guera intercepted a Lyman Hall pass and blasted the ball past Trojan goalie, Bob O’Bryne at 78:48. That three-goal lead was short-lived as Lyman Hall’s Jeff Baska spoiled Volta’s shutout bid six seconds after Guerra’s goal.

“Our defense (Austin Duffy, Jon Sutton, and O’Brien-Cannon) played really well in this game, but we fell asleep and gave up that late goal after Joe scored. We can’t afford mental mistakes like that when we play really good teams in the state tournament,” Marchitto added.

  Volta made 11 saves against Lyman Hall, which now has a 4-4-1 record.

Friday’s 1-1 stand-off with Shelton was really a battle of two very different halves. Marchitto felt that the Gaels definitely dominated the opening 40 minute session.

He said, “They came right at us and controlled the ball. We panicked and began to kick and chase long balls.”

Shelton’s Guiti DeSouza scored the only goal of the first half. It came at 38:58.

While the first half belonged to Shelton, Amity settled down and dominated the play in the second half.

The Black Gold evened the score at 1-1 when  Mayer found the net at 62:48.

Marchitto added, “We slowed their counter-attacks and played our game. We were the better team in the second half.  Our three defensive backs (O’Brien-Cannon, Duffy, and Sutton) really were the anchors of our team.”

With this Housy deadlock, Shelton hold a 4-4-3 record (2-1-3 against Housy opponents.


VOLLEYBALL: Lady Spartans Crush The Trojans

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Oct 042012

The Lady Spartans celebrate a great play.

Orange Live Sports Writer

Sponsored by Robert Sousa of Sousa&Stone

With Lyman Hall playing consistently inconsistent, the Amity volleyball took advantage of its numerous scoring opportunities to defeat the Trojans 3-1 (25-11, 25-14, 21-25, 25-7) Wednesday night in in a Southern Connecticut Conference—Housatonic Division clash that was played in Woodbridge.

While admitting that his spikers had some uneven moments, for the most part, winning Coach Paul Thees was pleased with their efforts, especially when compared to their play in Monday’s 3-2 Housy win over Sheehan.

“So far, this was our best match of the week. We struggled at times, especially Game No. 3, but our scores were better tonight than they have been in a long while. Lyman Hall (now 6-3, 2-2 in the Housy) is much improved over last year, but we are too. They took Cheshire to 5 games and beat up Sheehan badly,” Thees said.

The match began with Amity jumping off to a quick 7-2 lead thanks to the first of Allison Denny’s team-high nine kills, her off-speed dump over the net, and a series of Trojan mistakes. Pairs of blocks and blasts to the floor by Melanie Schanke and Kim Petit enabled the visitors to creep back within two points (9-7) but the Lady Spartans suddenly caught first, went on a 12-2 run and shot out to a commanding 21-9 lead. During that run, Denny nailed two spikes to the floor and also drilled home a service ace. In addition Lyman Hall continued to have trouble getting the ball over the net and keeping it in bounds.

Game No. 1 ended with a kill from Sydnee Sousa, another off-speed dump by Denny, and a final ace from Sousa.

The second contest began as a see-saw struggle with the lead shifting back and forth. With the score knotted at 12-12, Amity went on another late run, thanks to blocks by Sousa and Denny, another Denny kill, and several more Trojan misfires. With their 6-1 run, the Lady Spartans surged ahead 18-13. The second contest ended with Amity completing a 13-2 spurt that also featured a pair of Kristin Post scores, two dumps by Kathryn Pisano, Heather Watt’s ace, and a game-ending kill by Jessica Bedini.

According to Thees, “We looked unbeatable in the first two games. Our scores were better than they had been in a while.”

Game No. 3 proved to be a totally different story. Stephanie Napierkowski’s pair of kills and her ace enabled Lyman Hall to jump ahead 4-1. While Amity stayed close, Napierkowski banged two more balls to make it 11-8. Amanda Vecchio’s ace and a Sousa kill tied the game at 12-12 but Amity never took the lead. Kills from Schanke and Emily Williams were sandwiched around Lauren Gaffney’s perfectly placed, returnable serve that enabled the visitors to open up a three point (16-13) lead.

Fighting back once again, Amity countered with kills from Pisano and Vecchio to reknot the tally at 17. The pendulum then swung back in an ace from Ally Hackett, the Trojans’ direction with kills from Napierkowski and Williams, as well as a block back over the net by Petit. With her team leading 24-21, Hackett brought the curtain down on that game with a final shot to the floor.

“We never found a spark to us going and take the lead in the third game. We were always behind,” Thees said.

In direct contrast to the third game loss, Game No. 4 was never in doubt. With Sousa serving, the winners opened up with seven points in a row—including three Sousa aces. The Trojans nibbled back within five points on kills by Napierkowski and Petit—but never any closer. Two kills from Sousa and another by Denny, and a pair of Denny aces ignited a 12-2 Amity run. Holding an insurmountable 21-9 margin, the winners soon turned out the lights with consecutive scoring hits by Post and Bedini along with a final pair Trojan side outs.

Thees said, “I switched our line-up for the fourth game and that turned things around. I moved Sydnee (Sousa) from weak side to outside hitter and put Claire Foster in as an extra defender. Syd’s defense can be spotty, but I know Syd can serve well and she hits better from the outside than she does from the weak side. It was a big switch that really paid off for us.”

Key players for the 7-2, 2-1 winners were: Denny (nine kills, and 20 of 21 serves with an ace), Sousa (seven kills, 17 of 17 from the service line with 3 aces) Post  (six kills and 13 of 13 serves), Rebecca Denny (five kills), Vecchio (13 of 13 from the service line with an ace), Pisano (25 assists and 11-11 serving), Jenna Pisano (11 digs) and  libero Liz Marino (25 digs).

Thees added, “This was one of our better matches this week. We spread things around nicely and only missed a total of three serves.”

Schanke recorded a team high 12 kills as well as seven digs for the losers. Napierkowski added nine kills and four blocks.  Hackett chalked up 30 assists and five digs.

The Lady Spartans are back in action on Friday when they host Southern Connecticut Conference inter-divisional rival,Guilford at 5:30 p.m.

PHOTOS: Did Quigley’s Remarks Get To The Lady Spartans?

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Sep 252012

Lady Spartans are radiant after a goal against Lyman Hall.

The Lady Spartans took the home field just hours after Orange Live published a Girls Soccer story in which coach Owen Quigley expressed his disappointment in his team’s performance.

The girls went up against Lyman Hall and with Quigley at the sidelines as usual, shut out the Wallingford team 5-0.

Tara Ramirez scored three goals and added an assist.

Kate Simon and Alexa Gibbs also scored for Amity (3-1-1) in the Lady Spartans’ SCC Housatonic Division win at Woodbridge.