Notes In A Nutshell: Board Of Selectmen

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Jul 122017

The Board of Selectmen met on Wednesday, July 12.

Following are notes from that meeting:

A list of all the roads scheduled for repaving was announced. [We will post it soon. If you can’t wait, click on the OGAT Video On Demand link to the left in a couple of days].

First Selectman Jim Zeoli suggests that residents make a batter board to protect their mailboxes NOW instead of waiting until winter when the snow has already fallen.

The town is seeking bids for work that is needed on the South Wing of High Plains Community Center, including the pool area [that specifically will be done in 2018] and Orange hopes to work out a plan with the JCC and the YMCA to allow residents to use their pools while the town pool is out of commission.

Hilton Suites extended stay hotel will be coming to Orange off of Marsh Hill Road, Northbound side.



Notes In A Nutshell: Orange Board of Selectmen – Aug. 10

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Aug 102016

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 8.03.40 PMThe regular meeting of the Orange Board of Selectmen will take place at Town Hall, Wednesday, Aug. 10 at 7:30 p.m.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said that drugs are a problem throughout the state and that Orange has a dedicated ambulance/paramedics and the Orange Police are the town’s first responders. So we’re in good hands if it happens here.


Farmers’ Market is on this Thursday from 3:30 – 7 p.m.

Monday, Sept. 5 Town offices and transfer station are closed for Labor Day

Thursday, Sept 8 the state will host a meeting regarding an environmental study at the proposed train station location in the High Plains Gymnasium.

Racebrook Road Bridge work is halted because the materials (cement, etc) need to cure properly. [nothing done by the state runs quickly]

The home at 445 Turkey Hill Road which was approved for purchase during a town meeting has been closed on, and the Selectmen and members of the Orange Historical Society toured it on Saturday.


  • To consider and act on the request to hold the 24th Annual Platt Tech 5K Road Race and Fun Walk.  9:15 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 6.  Unanimously Approved
  • To consider and act on the request to hold the 20th Annual Chilly Chili Run  on New Year’s Day – Jane Opper, Race Coordinator. Already went to Park and Rec for approval. It attracts many 90 + year old runners. 700 registered last year. people from 93 cities and towns participated. Runner Bill Benson, 97, passed away 2 weeks ago. Unanimously Approved
  • To consider and act on the request for temporary lights at Fred Wolfe Park  – Tom Pisano & Bill Hoffman, Orange Soccer Association. Park & Rec approved it. Pisano said one bank of lights shined on a home last year, but that will not happen this year. the lights would ONLY stay on until 8 p.m. Oct 17-Nov 20. 
  • To consider and act on the resolution allowing First Selectman Zeoli to sign the contract between the town and DEEP regarding the Ewen Preserve Trail System Grant. – First Selectman Zeoli  this is for an $8,000 grant. Unanimously Approved
  • To consider and act on Temporary Easement Agreement and Quitclaim Deed regarding 69 Marsh Hill Road. – First Selectman Zeoli Unanimously Approved
  • To consider and act on the request to allow First Selectman Zeoli to sign letter from theDepartment of Transportation accepting the commitment tfund the reconstruction of the DerbyMilford Road Bridge over thWepawaug River  – First Selectman Zeoli  Unanimously Approved
  • 7. To consider and act on the tax refunds for the month of August  Unanimously Approved
  • 8.  Bids for street sweeping work recommended by the Highway Department. Unanimously Approved
    Bond Construction Oversight – Selectman Goldblatt State approved money for bridge work. 
    Discussion of pay rates and insurance co-pays for non-union salary and hourlpositions
    John Carangelo made a motion to approve pay raises for per diem employees etc that was discussed behind closed doors. Unanimously Approved
    Discussion of WPCA salaries
    Discussion of Election Day/Poll Worker pay rateClose Executive Session and convene into the Regular Meeting Approved – Goldblatt abstained.

Notes In A Nutshell: March 15 TP&ZC Meeting

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Mar 152016

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.00.22 PMThe Town Plan & Zoning Commission met at Town Hall on Tuesday, March 15 at 7:30 p.m.

Following are the items that were covered:


*6. SPECIAL PERMIT – Application for the conversion of a single family dwelling to accommodate an elderly apartment at 219 Riverdale Road.

Submitted by property owner Ginam Fedeli. To create an elderly apartment.

DISCUSSION: Convert the back two bays of the garage for the apartment. entrance would be on the left side of the garage.

The sanitarian called for an upgrade to the septic system to accommodate the additional people.

Unanimously approved

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 8.09.31 PM*7. SPECIAL PERMIT  — Application For Outdoor Storage and Display – submitted by Home Depot, 440 Boston Post Road. For the outdoor storage and display of seasonal items & merchandise.

Sidewalk would include grills and mulch stacked outside of the “tree corral.”

It appeared that they were discussing the same problems as last spring.

Fire Marshal and Police Chief gave their approval of the request as presented.

Unanimously approved



Notes In A Nutshell: Town Plan & Zoning Commission April 21

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Apr 212015

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.45.54 PMThe Town Plan & Zoning Commission met Tuesday night. A couple of the scheduled agenda items were held over until the next meeting for various reasons.


SITE PLAN APPLICATION – Silverbrook Plaza at 350 Boston Post Road, Submitted by owner Barbara Thomas. The proposal is to construct a 136 sq. ft. stair and entrance addition from the lower level to first floor of Wasabi Restaurant.

The restaurant has a wine and beer license and wants to add liquor to the business.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.37.51 PMThe plans will allow customers to have easy access to Wasabi restaurant from the rear parking lot instead of walking around the building which can be dangerous.

All requirements were met and the plans were unanimously approved. 


Discussion and review of “Draft” LI-3 Modifications as prepared by Consultant Planner Glenn Chalder.

LI-3 located on west side of Indian River Road and Chalder suggests the minimum lot size be altered.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.41.17 PMChairman Clark said maybe change the lot size requirements instead of a minimum size… make it a maximum size. Control the type of usage — no big box stores (currently a minimum of 25,000 sq ft bldg).

Leave the door open for an office or select retail use since this is the pathway to the business district in Orange.

Frontage is important to any business. Chalder said businesses should consider sharing parking areas and driveways.

Paul Grimmer of the town Economic Development Office said the discussion so far seemed right on track with what he was thinking.

Mr. Chalder will work on the wording and present his proposal at the next TP&ZC meeting.


PUBLIC HEARING ON “DRAFT” ORANGE 2015 PLAN OF CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT. In accordance with Section 8-23 of the Connecticut State Statutes, this is a public hearing to obtain public comment, concerns, and questions. A copy of the proposed plan has been filed in the Office of the Orange Town Clerk and is also available in the Orange Zoning Department and Town of Orange Website. After completion of the public hearing, the commission may revise the plan and may adopt the plan or any part thereof or amendment thereto by a single resolution or may, by successive resolutions, adopt parts of the plan and amendments.

This is an advisory document for different commissions as to the direction the town should move toward in the future. The document will go through to 2025.

Route 1, water and sewer issues etc.

Chalder took all the comments dating back to March 2015 to the last TPZC meeting and made the changes accordingly.

• Natural Resources –

• A revised open space map was generated for the commission’s consideration.

Resident commented that he did not think the plan met his expectations. When the Christmas Tree Shop plaza opened the roads were widened in the 80s and he began complaining about traffic on Lambert Road. etc. etc. etc.

First Selectman Jim Zeoli said there is a lot of open space in Orange (in response to someone’s concerns) and in answer to the above resident’s traffic comments, he said the state is involved in a lot of traffic decisions, and road work is currently being done.

He added that there is a medical use business and an office business that want to come in at the top of the hill and there is interest in other properties on Indian River Road.

The town plan is important to draw in potential businesses.

Chairman Clark said Orange Center and Derby Ave should be considered for Traffic improvements.

The revised document will be presented at the next meeting. 


Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.41.11 PMAPPLICATION FOR SPECIAL USE. Submitted by property owner Stellato Realty, LLC. For property known as 403 Derby Avenue. The proposal is to have a wine tasting facility in conjunction with a vineyard on site. Also for the sale of agricultural products produced on site. Sales include wine and accessory items such as cheeses, breads, and other complimentary food items. Facility will be a 5,878 sq. ft. addition to an existing 2,733 sq. ft. building. A SITE PLAN APPLICATION also has been submitted in conjunction with this application.

This is the Windmill Vineyard (former Legionaires of Christ) 3,600 Grapevines have been planted

Scaled down version of plan that was a controversial subject during the last election.

Chief Gagne was concerned about traffic and the prohibited UTurn near the vineyard. This restriction has since been lifted by the state and has gotten the Police Commission’s approval.

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 9.33.17 PMSelectman Ken Lenz said he thought the proposed use was inappropriate for a residential area. He feels the traffic situation will be dangerous and having parties on the property late at night won’t be fair for surrounding residents. The septic system is not big enough for their needs.

Clark said the Commission should base its decision on the facts, not people’s concerns.

Clark requested complete floor plans for the above mentioned buildings and the total of land used for grape production.

Judy Morgan requested a complete list of all foods that would be served in the facility.

The hearing was continued until May 19. 


APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL USE – DRIVE THRU SERVICE WINDOW. Submitted by property owner Stanley A. Jacobs Et Al. For property known as 111 Boston Post Road. The proposal is to install a Drive Thru Service Window for a proposed restaurant in an existing building.

This was not ready to go forward pending Police Commission approval — Continued until May 5. 

Report of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

Paul Dinece had done many residential inspections due to complaints. He met with Town Attorney and owner of 119 Buttonball regarding the fines and possible lawsuit if the continued violations are not taken care of.