Boys Hockey: Spartans VS Tigers, Refs Hand Out Penalties like Candy Canes at Christmas

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Dec 202019

The Amity Spartans Boys Hockey Team hosted the Daniel Hand Tigers in West Haven on Dec. 18.

Under the leadership of head coach Michael Scooter Richetelli, the “young” Amity players held their own against the Hand team (nearly equal makeup), which is coached by former Amity coach Brian Gonsalves.

Hand came onto the ice with a vengeance and quickly showed that they meant business. During the first 3 minutes of the game (:41; 1:06; and 2:47) the Tigers scored three goals.

Amity’s Connor Bath (#14) answered back with the Spartan’s first goal, a power play, assisted by captains Justin Miller (#4) and Nick Kiwanis (#22)

Amity managed to hold off Hand in the second period and the score stayed at 3-1 until the end of the third period.

With 3:49 remaining, Hand slipped another goal past goalie Sai Neelam (#29). The Tigers finished the game with a fifth goal with 1:11 left on the clock, defeating Amity 5-1.

Saves: Amity 27, Hand 26.


The referees were really paying attention to what was going on during this game, handing out penalties like candy canes at a Christmas parade.

Often the penalty boxes had 2 players from each team sitting it out.

Hand had 14 penalties to Amity’s 10. Most of the penalties cost the players 2 minutes of downtime, but some were in the box for 10-12 minutes. There weren’t too many chants of “You can’t do that” because players on both sides were “doing it.”

Amity Coach Richetelli said the boys still have some work to do, “But we’ll get there.”

We agree. There’s a lot of talent on this team, “young” or not. They just need the confidence and experience to know when to make that move.




Boys Hockey: Branford Hornets Sting Spartans, Break Amity’s Winning Streak

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Jan 142019

The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey team was on the road in North Haven on Saturday for a game against the Branford Hornets.

Although Amity had a great 7 game run, we knew the threat of a loss was possible as the season went on and the competition grew more difficult. They’ve been working hard in practices and at every game, and they were ready for battle.

Going in, Branford had a 4-2-1 record and naturally, they didn’t want to lose and were prepared for a fight.

The first period set the pace for the rest of the game, Branford’s Blake Kustra made an unassisted goal just 1:11 into the game, that was followed by Jack Manware, sinking one in at 6:30, assisted by Max Bunton.

First Period Score: 2-0 Branford

Amity came out strong in the second period with Jay Csejka making a goal in the first 38 seconds, assisted by 10 and 20.

Second Period Score: 2-1 Branford

The Hornets dominated the third period beginning with a solo goal by Manware at 1:32. Exactly four minutes later, Rob Lionetti scored on an assist from Theo Kirby.

Amity made a lot of shots, but couldn’t seem to get anything past goaltender Greg Lucente, who used his best Jedi moves against the Spartans.

Branford continued its attack on Amity goalie Mal Zurolo and at 8:54, Chris Donadio smacked one past him, bringing the final score to 5-1.  With that, the Hornets broke the Spartans’ 7-game winning streak.

Disappointment swept through the stands as Amity fans slowly retreated to the parking lot.

The Spartans’ locker room was quiet, as they went over the game in their heads.

Records: Amity 7-1, Branford 5-2-1

Head Coach Mike “Scooter” Richetelli said a lot of things contribute to a loss, on this day, it was because Amity was outworked by Branford. “You’re not going to win if you get outworked. That’s a good lesson to learn,” he said. “They deserved to win today. It’s all about hard work, our schedule just gets tougher from here — that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

“If you want to go through this and just skate through it, you’re not going to make anything of yourself,” Richetelli said. “Our goal is to make sure we have a strong competitive schedule and do the things we’re supposed to do. On Sunday, we have practice, we’ll get to work and get ready for Wednesday. We’ll be fine. They learned a lesson today, and we’ll move on, that’s what life’s all about.

Next Up For The Spartans: HOME game vs Fairfield Warde/Ludlowe (D1) (4-1-2) on Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 8 p.m.

Boys Hockey: YES! Amity Spartans Take Down Notre Dame

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Jan 102019

Since the beginning of the season, I’ve said, don’t underestimate the Amity Boys Ice Hockey Team. I knew going into Wednesday night’s game that they were in for a battle with Notre Dame-West Haven, but they were good enough to come through with their perfect season intact.

Prior to the game I sent head coach Mike Richetelli a note stating, Notre Dame is NOT going to want to lose to Amity. They are going to play dirty and will spend a lot of time in the penalty box. Our boys would just have to get it done no matter how much ND pushed their buttons.

Of course “Scooter” already knew this, great coaches have great instincts, and the boys were ready too.

Well, the first period was very fast and very physical, during which Notre Dame racked up 3 penalties to Amity’s 1. And the first period was scoreless.

There was no way that Notre Dame was going to lose this matchup. The second period went on and on, still scoreless, then, with 15 seconds remaining ND’s Charlie Andriole scored the first goal, assisted by Ian Hayden.

Amity and ND had 2 penalties each in the second period.

When the third period rolled around, it was do-or-die for both teams and they would do whatever was necessary to win. (ND 4 penalties, Amity 2).

Amity was ready to show what they were made of and it only took 38 seconds for captain Jay Csejka to make an unassisted goal and tie the game.

The teams battled it out, and both goalies, Amity’s Malachi Zurolo and Notre Dame’s Connor Smith worked extremely hard.

Finally, with just 3:45 remaining in the game, Nelson Bordeleau broke the tie with the winning goal, assisted by Justin Miller.

The Spartans were able to hold Notre Dame off until the final buzzer, and there it was, Amity Won 2-1, still undefeated with 7 consecutive victories under their belts.

Zurolo was named player of the game after making 38 stops.

Next Up: Amity is on the road at the Northford Ice Pavilion for a game against Branford (4-2-1) on Saturday, Jan. 12 at 3:15 p.m.

A million thanks to Kristina Kaoud for the victory photos. 



Meet Your 2018-19 Spartans Ice Hockey Team

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Dec 072018

The 2018-19 Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey Team is already showing a lot of promise. On Wednesday evening the boys declawed the Masuk Panthers 11-1 in a scrimmage game in West Haven.

Tonight’s event will be much more telling, as the Spartans go up against three powerhouse teams in the Jackie Coyle Jamboree at Edward L. Bennett Rink at 6 p.m. West Haven, Notre Dame-West Haven, and NFI will give us an opportunity to see our boys in the most challenging experience on the ice so far.

On Wednesday, we saw how skilled our goalies were and the exceptional teamwork of our Spartans. The 2018-19 team is not afraid to shoot, grab the puck from their opponents, and put themselves out there. If we see that same spirit tonight, going up against some of the toughest teams in the area. I believe in the Spartans, and even though the Jamboree only gives you a taste of things to come, I think you will see some impressive action out on the ice tonight.

This season’s Amity Spartans includes some familiar names and a few new ones. Here is the 2018-19 Roster.

The three Senior Captains are Colin Hughes (8), Jason Csejka (18), and Kenneth Page (20).

The team includes two other seniors, Ryan Miller (7), and Nelson Bordeleau (10),

There are seven juniors this season, Cody White (13), Connor Bath (14), Ed Martino (17), Michael Lebreck (19), Nick Kiwanis (22), Sai Neelam (29), and Malachi Zurolo (31).

The sophomore players are: Dylan Raver (2), Justin Miller (4), Caleb Marcin (6), Tommy Schittina (11), Dylan Gherlone (15), Zack Cable (16), Jason Dittman (21), Ty Demaio (23), and Ty Cable (28)

There are two freshmen on the team this year: Ethan Moffett (9), and Michael Andreesen (30)

Head Coach is Mike Richetelli, who brought the 2014 Spartans to the state championship game. He’s assisted by Todd Dandelske, Jeff Buchter, and newcomer Jim Sokolske.



Boys Hockey: Conn’s Second Hat Trick In A Week Helps Amity Defeat Trinity Catholic 7-6

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Feb 232018

Jordan Conn (#2) scores for Amity with just 2 seconds left in the second period.

The Amity Spartans Hockey Team was on the road in Stamford on Thursday night for a game against the Trinity Catholic Crusaders.

First Period

In the first 11 seconds of the game, Joey Schittina put the Spartans on the scoreboard, assisted by Alex Leyner. Then Trinity’s Jake Levato had back-to-back goals, the first at 13:28 assisted by Andrew Ellis and Matt Dimartino, followed by another less than a minute later, assisted by Jack Kinahan and Logan Healy.

Amity’s Jamie Blum tied things up at 10:45, assisted by Colin Hughes and Brian Early. But Trinity would have none of that, 30 seconds later, Kinahan scored, assisted by Will Tellini.

At 7:42, Levato got his hat trick, assisted by Jay Bacco and Kinahan. With just 3:56 remaining in the period, Amity’s Ken Page got one in assisted by Blum and Schittina. End of period score 4-3 Trinity.

Second Period

No one scored for the first 12:29 of the second period, until Blum shot one past Trinity Goalie Lance Lippmann at 2:31 on an assist from Nelson Bordeleau.

Then, with just 2 seconds remaining, Jordan Conn scored on an assist from Michael Miller. End of period score 5-4 Amity.

Third Period

Trinity wasted no time in tying the game. Within 48 seconds of returning to the ice, Kinahan got one in past Amity goaltender Michael Holloway, assisted by Levato.

But the Spartans had their own secret weapon, Jordan Conn who scored at 10:50, assisted by Hughes. Amazingly, just 7 seconds later Conn got his hat trick on an assist from Early.

The Crusaders’ Kinahan made one last goal – yes, a hat trick – assisted by Healy with 2:38 remaining in the game, but Trinity could not outscore the Spartans. Amity won this very close game 7-6.

And if you didn’t catch it, all of the Crusaders’ goals were made by two players, Levato and Kinahan.

Right after the game, Amity Goalie Tyler Cole tweeted: “Jordan Conn has potted 9 goals and 7 assists in his last 6 games including his second hattrick of the year tonight… talk about a hot stick.”

Up Next: The Spartans take on Watertown at the Bennett Rink in West Haven at 3 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 24. The final game of the regular season will take place at Wonderland of Ice on Monday, Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. when Amity goes up against Fairfield Warde/Ludlowe.

Whatever happens here-on-in I’d like to congratulate Amity and head coach Mike Richetelli on a magnificent season. Just keep doing what you do best boys, and knock them out in the Tournaments.

Thank you to Steve Conn for sharing his photos from all the Away games. 

Boys Hockey: Amity Gets Schooled By NFI

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Jan 212018

The Amity Spartans Boys Ice Hockey Team hosted the New Fairfield/Immaculate Mustangs for a non-conference game in West Haven on Saturday, Jan. 20.

Amity got off to a good start with a goal by Jason Csejka, assisted by Jamie Blum at 8:38 in the first period, and Spartans goalie Michael Halloway preventing NFI from getting anything past him. First Period score 1-0 Amity.

After that, it was all NFI, scoring two goals in the second period, while in spite of their best efforts, Amity could not catch up nor pass the visitors. Second Period score 2-1 NFI

The third period was even more devastating for Spartans fans as NFI scored two goals halfway through the period and another three in the final five minutes of the game. This was a tough, humbling, 7-1 loss for the Spartans, which Amity Coach Michael “Scooter” Richetelli calls, a “learning experience.”

Records: Amity 5-3, NFI 5-1-1

Next Up: Amity is on the road in Hamden on Sunday, Jan. 21.

Boys Hockey: Spartans Are Faster, Determined to Go All The Way in 2016

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Dec 122015

IMG_6901Before the regular season begins, teams play scrimmage games so the coaches can evaluate how the players perform and to give the boys and girls an opportunity to get out there and hone their skills against actual opponents.

The Amity Varsity Hockey team won it’s first scrimmage against Newtown 4-2 on Wednesday then on Friday, they went up against the division 1 Hamden Green Dragons.

Prior to the game, head coach Gary Lindren said this year’s team showed promise. Of course in the pre-season they are still finding their way, but he believes the 2015-16 Spartans will get into the playoffs.

Lindgren said Hamden is an excellent team and that Amity would have to work hard against them.

As an observer, I noticed that the players had some mad skills. They are faster on the ice than last year and work well together as a team.

Even though they lost this match-up 6-0, the Spartans held their own against the Green Dragons for the majority of the game. It took 9 minutes of play time before Hamden got onto the scoreboard, and that says a lot for Amity.

I think the coach is right, this team can go far this season. They hit the ice again today (Saturday, Dec. 12) at the Edward L. Bennett Rink – West Haven at 3:45 p.m. Come and witness for yourself what the buzz is all about.

After Friday’s game, Asst. Coach Mike Richetelli said this was the team’s third day on the ice and they were still getting their “feet wet.” He said Hamden is a solid division 1 team and it was good for Amity to play them and see what they could do. “We still have a lot to do, and we’ll see how far we can go,” he said.




Opinion: Will The Amity Spartans Hockey Team Make Us Proud This Year?

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Dec 142014

IMG_7129The 2014-15 Amity Spartans Varsity Hockey Team had some big skates to fill following last year’s phenomenal season.

Sadly, with the graduation of the 2013-14 senior “stars” Goalie Brian Mosher, Adam Shea, Brett McNeil, John Uscilla and Keating Seymour, this is a rebuilding year, with a primarily young team and just five seniors.

Among those seniors are Dalton Luciani, Kevin Ryan and Zachary Shelnitz, whose names we often heard at last year’s games. They have the experience and are good team players, but can they carry the 2015 Spartans on to greatness?

Friday night’s scrimmage games at the Hockey Jamboree in West Haven proved underwhelming.

Last year Brian Mosher was so amazing that any goaltender who follows will have to work ten times as hard to even come close — although of the three who geared up in the $400 goalie padding, Freshman Tyler Cole #30 (Mosher’s old number) shows a lot of promise.

The boys showed spirit and drive and had some good passes but they will have to step things up a bit if they want to get anywhere this year.

Cheshire’s team was tight and blanked Amity 5-0, then Immaculate came out and defeated the Spartans 3-1.

I have faith in Coach Gary Lindgren and Asst. Coach Mike Richetelli and their abilities to pull this team together. Let’s just hope the boys can follow their directions.

Fingers crossed.

Who’s on the team?


William Caracciolo, Dalton Luciani, Cristian Mortali, Kevin Ryan, Zachary Shelnitz


Nicholas Gallucci, Graham Hughes, Timothy Johnston, Anthony Uscilla


Jeremy Cable, Charles Csejka, McGovern Deane, Nicholas DeGennaro, Tyler Johnston, Roger Kergaravat, Zachary White


Jamie Blum, Alexander Leyner, Tyler Cole, Jacob Silliman, Chase Kozak, Adam Moscato, Harrison Silver

Southern CT Conference (SCC) Recognizes Three (3) Amity Winter Sports Coaches

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Mar 072014

Coach of the Year Michelle Martinik shares a "WOW" moment with her Lady Spartans.

Coach of the Year Michelle Martinik shares a “WOW” moment with her Lady Spartans.

When any coach begins the season he or she works hard to get to know their players and encourage everyone to do their best on the ice, court, track or pool and to show good sportsmanship at all times.

The Southern Connecticut Conference (SCC) of which Amity is associated, has named three of the Amity High School coaches as “Coach of the Year” for his or her particular sport.

• Michelle Martinik has been named the SCC Girls Basketball Coach of the Year for her exemplary work with our amazing Lady Spartans, who are moving on to compete for the state title.

• Jeremy Iverson was recognized as the SCC Boys Indoor Track Coach of the Year.

• Amity Interim Boys Ice Hockey Coach Mike Richetelli has been named the SCC Hockey Coach of the Year. The Spartans show incredible teamwork every time they step onto the ice, and are competing against Branford High School in the SCC Championship game this Saturday at 2:00 pm at Bennett Rink in West Haven.

Coach of the Year Mike Richetelli and the Amazing Amity Spartans.

Coach of the Year Mike Richetelli and the Amazing Amity Spartans.

Although we’ve seen Coach Gary Lindgen at every regular game this season, he fell ill before the season began and for personal reasons, needed Richetelli to step in during his recovery. We wish Gary all the best and hope he will be able to return in his full capacity next year.

Congratulations to Michelle, Jeremy and Mike, we couldn’t think of anyone better to earn this honor. You all deserve the title!


“Independents For Orange”: Orange Voters to Have Another Option In November

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Jun 192013

Jim O'Connor, Mike Richetelli and

Jim O’Connor, Mike Richetelli and Chad Lombardi, co-founders of Independents for Orange.

Press Release from Independents For Orange

Years in the making, a grass roots group- Independents For Orange (IFO) has been formed. The organization became official May 30th when paperwork was filed with the CT Secretary of State’s office which reserved the designation. The filing with the Secretary of State will enable candidates to run for municipal offices this November as Independents For Orange.

IFO is a group of dedicated Orange community leaders that have come together to provide an opportunity for Orange residents who want to serve in town government and help make Orange a better place without having to be affiliated with either of the two majority parties- Republican or Democrat.

“Independents For Orange will focus on running candidates with a proven track record of leadership, people who will work tirelessly on behalf of all the residents of Orange without getting bogged down in traditional party politics”, said IFO Chairman Mike Richetelli. “Our goal is to challenge the status quo and get informed, committed, non-partisan individuals elected to town Boards and Commissions. We’re looking for people that will lead on issues, be proactive on bringing new ideas to the table, put the best interests of the town first and most importantly, be able to work with elected officials on both sides of the aisle.”

Although a search for candidates has not officially begun, there are no plans at this time to run a candidate for First Selectman. “Out of the gate, we intend to field a slate of under-ticket candidates for 2013 and have it grow from there. We believe this is the first time there will be an Independent under-ticket slate of candidates without running someone for First Selectman in the history of the town.

This shows that we’re making a long term commitment to build this for the future from the ground up” said Chad Lombardi, one of the co-founders of IFO. Mike Richetelli will be running for the Board of Selectmen and elementary school Principal Jim O’Connor will be running for Board of Education. “With two children currently in the Orange elementary school system, I have a vested interest in working to ensure that we have the best schools possible in Orange. I plan to utilize my expertise as a longtime school administrator to solidify and advance the goals of our district,” said O’Connor.

Richetelli addressed the plans for IFO moving forward. “We’re in the process of building a team of concerned residents that want to work collectively, without party politics. We look forward to talking to people in the coming weeks that want to be part of something new and exciting. So far, the feedback we’ve received has been outstanding.

“People understand that it can only benefit the residents of Orange to have more choices at the polls. One of our goals is to encourage voters to elect people, not parties and to take a close look at each candidate’s qualifications,” Richetelli said. “We expect to have a superb group of candidates in November; the idea is to highlight the strengths and leadership credentials of candidates who run as Independents.”

Anyone interested in more information on Independents For Orange may visit www.ifoct.org  or email info@ifoct.org.