Masks Up: Covid Variant B.1.1.7. Is Here!

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Jan 072021

Governor Ned Lamont announced that a COVID-19 variant first found in the United Kingdom and said to be more easily transmitted is now in Connecticut after the state confirmed two cases today (Thursday, Jan. 7).

The variant, known as B.1.1.7 was found in two people between the ages of 15 and 25 who live in New Haven County, according to the state. One of them recently traveled to Ireland while the other traveled to New York State.

Due to the easy transmission of this newer strain, please be wary and wear a mask to protect not only yourself but everyone else, in case you are infected and don’t yet have any symptoms.

Sure, there are vaccines now, but not everyone is vaccinated yet, and unless you are on the frontlines you may not get one before it’s too late.

After seeing several people I care about suffer from Covid — and four families that I know went through the holidays without their loved ones who died from this terrible virus.

No matter what your political beliefs are, Covid does not pick and choose. It will latch onto you, squeeze your lungs and give you a fever so high that you will pray for death just so it will be over I was told.

Families suffer because unlike the good old days – back in 2019 – you can’t visit your gramma, or dad, or son in the hospital while they often die alone with only a sweet angel that they don’t know (a nurse or doctor) holding their hand.

Just wear a mask! They are not expensive, they are not in short supply anymore, they are not uncomfortable. Dammit, you CAN breathe! There’s no excuse.