Huge Crowd Enjoys Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt

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Mar 242018

The Orange Lions Club hosted its 56th annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Orange Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 24. 

Orange Police Officer Carolyn Bailey escorted the Easter Bunny to the fairgrounds before the start of the Easter Egg Hunt.  As the Lions “seeded” the hunt area with candy, children visited the Bunny in the gazebo or had his or her face painted near the pavilion. 

The annual hunt was divided into four (4) age groups, which allowed each child to have an equal opportunity to collect the thousands of chocolate eggs which the Lions Club had to distribute.  

The groups were: (1) Pre School through Kindergarten; (2) First Grade & Second Grade; (3) Third Grade & Fourth Grade; (4) Fifth Grade & Sixth Grade.  Thousands of chocolate eggs were distributed during the hunt.  Prizes were awarded to children in all age categories for finding specially marked eggs.

There was one “natural disaster”: a sweet girl in one of the older groups was very successfully filling her wooden basket when it suddenly began to fall apart. With her treats spilling on the ground from the ever-growing gaps, she gave the Lions a look of desperation and they quickly handed her a large plastic bag so she could continue. She thanked them and went on her way.


This year, most parents respected the request to let the children pick up their own candy, but when the last group stormed out, one woman in a gray hoodie went out and started stuffing her pockets with candy. Two Lions members asked her to leave the field and she scowled at them and kept filling her pockets — stealing candy from children.

What a poor example she set for the kids. Yes, I DID get a photo of her, but I decided not to “out” her that way, she knows who she is. That kind of behavior is so unnecessary and terribly rude. Just don’t do it, or you will ruin it for everyone.