Top 10 Stories of 2013 — Based on Readership

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Dec 272013

Screen shot 2013-12-27 at 2.21.44 PMOrangectlive.com has been online since May 2012. In 19 months we’ve published 2,711 stories.

Our news site and Orange Live Facebook page have seen tremendous growth, averaging 1,000 or more page views every day.

Looking back, it’s interesting to see which of our stories were most read.

Here’s an end-of-year countdown of the Top 10 Orangectlive stories from 2013. I think you’ll be surprised by #1.

#10Update Four Crash Victims Taken To Hospital

On September 20 a car slammed into a telephone pole near 88 Indian River Road with four teenagers inside.

The Orange Volunteer Fire Department extricated two of them and all four West Haven teens were sent to the hospital with injuries.

The driver, A.J.Cedillo, 18, died from his injuries. His parents donated his organs so others could live.

#9 –  Chief Gagne Addresses Questions Regarding A Recent Mailing That Residents Received 

 On November 13, Police Chief Robert Gagne submitted a letter in response to questions he received regarding a mailing that went out to residences in Orange referencing the town’s ranking in the November 2013 issue of Connecticut Magazine.
Everywhere I went I heard people talking about how well-written it was, and the the chief perfectly explained the ranking putting many minds at ease.
Orange Firefighters were called to stand by at the Woodbridge Firehouse on Saturday, Nov. 9 as Woodbridge, Bethany and Prospect Firefighters battled a fully involved  house fire on Coachmans Lane in Woodbridge.

A neighbor called 911 to report flames shooting out of the windows and the “possibility of kids in the house” around 8:30 p.m. No one was home when the fire broke out (except for the animals that perished).

#7Orange Police: Teen Driver passes Away From Injuries In Car Accident

At 6:30 p.m., Sept. 21, Orange Police announced that AJ Cedillo, the teen driver of the vehicle involved in the Friday night crash on Indian River Road, had succumbed to his injuries.

Two of the juvenile passengers remained hospitalized, one of the passengers had been treated and released.

#6UPDATED: School Bus Crash on Lambert Road

A School Bus carrying 18 Race Brook School 1st through 6th graders home from a half day of school (due to parent-teacher conferences tonight), was struck by a vehicle traveling southbound (toward Route 1) as it crossed from Shepherd Lane to Rogers Avenue around 1:30 p.m. Dec. 5.

Preliminary police information is that the bus driver was sent to Yale New Haven Hospital for evaluation and the two people in the car were transported to the same hospital for treatment.

Orange School Supt. Lynn McMullin and several parents praised the bus driver for getting the children to safety and Race Brook School Principal Mike Gray for his excellent work keeping the children calm until their parents arrived.

#5 – Orange Live Called It: Say Goodbye To Stop & Shop

On Nov. 14, Orange Live announced that the Stop & Shop on Bull Hill Lane was slated to close soon.

Several trusted sources verified this information, but it wasn’t until Dec. 3 that it became official with word coming from the grocery giant’s headquarters. The store will close in January.

I heard that the people in the Stop & Shop corporate offices were flabbergasted that our little website had the news several weeks before they announced it.

#4 – Amity Football Player Has Something To Be Thankful For on this Holiday and Every Day

On Thanksgiving morning, Nov. 28, the heartwarming story of Amity Football Co-Captain Eric Laugeni, whose road to high school football was filled with uncertainty, beginning with one life changing moment on August 1, 2008, when Eric, then a sixth grader, was just 11 years old.

With more than 1,200 page views, it was one of our favorite stories too.

#3 – BREAKING: Police Commissioner Susan Lewin Dies

On Nov. 25, Orange Live received a shocking press release from Orange Police Chief Robert Gagne, stating that our police commissioner Susan Lewin, 52, had died.

I had known Susan for two years, but whenever I saw her, it felt like we were lifelong friends, and many others felt the same way.

During her short life, Susan had accomplished so much and earned the love and respect of thousands of folks, not only in Orange, but the surrounding area as well.

She was a dear, dear woman, who is sorely missed.

#2 – And The Winners Are … Orange Election Results

The polls for the municipal election closed at exactly 8 p.m. on Nov. 5, we had the winners of the top positions up within minutes, but Orange Live didn’t get the complete results until until after 11 p.m. when they were checked, double checked and completely transcribed so there wouldn’t be any confusion later on.  (haste makes waste).

Thousands of readers checked in for the results making this our second highest read story of the year.


The #1 story on Orange Live in 2013, pulling in a whopping 7,565 page views (tremendous for a little independent website) is – Look At That Face: Does He Belong To You?

This is what turned out to be the heartbreaking story about an older Mastiff dog that was helped by two Good Samaritans one cold evening in late October while one was on his way home from work and the other was en route to work.

The dog had been hit by a car and was lying in the middle of Old Grassy Hill Road near Wright’s Pond when the first man stopped his car and came to the dog’s assistance. The second man helped carry the pooch to safety off the road and took a photo with his cell phone, which I immediately posted on Orange Live’s website and Facebook page.

The Orange Police came to the scene and then Milford-Orange Animal Control came to get him and brought him to a veterinarian.

It turns out the poor dog had terrible injuries, including a broken back for which he received extensive surgery.

When he returned to the Milford-Orange Animal Control I paid a visit and took a photo, this sweet boy wagged his tail and gave me the look that stole thousands of hearts.

He seemed to be on the mend, then took a turn for the worse. He couldn’t stand and was in tremendous pain. The only humane thing for him was to be put down.

I literally answered hundreds of e-mails and private messages on facebook about the dog, and it broke my heart to have to announce that he’d been put to sleep.

So many people wanted to adopt him, but a comfortable forever home in which to spend his senior years was not in the cards for this gentle old boy.

The owner never came forward.

Going further, among the stories in the top 20 were: Chris Small’s reaction to losing the Great Christmas Light Fight; the death of the Wright’s Pond Dog; A brief sneak peek about what was filling the space that was once the Orange Family Diner; And AGAIN a ditti about the Redfish Grill along with the early announcement that Stop & Shop most likely would be closing (a few weeks before it was announced); the Turf Field Referendum Results and the obituary of Rita Palermo.  



Unexpected Incident May Slow Me Down, But I Always Bounce Back

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Sep 042013

t-boneOrange Live Readers, let me apologize in advance if the postings slow down a little on Facebook and orangectlive.com in the next few days.

On Tuesday afternoon, while on my way to Amity High, my car was T-Boned (and totaled?) by another car.

Since I can’t transport my granddaughter around in my vehicle (for safety sake) I will need to try to find another mode of transportation. This puts a monkey wrench on my ability to work.

The muscle spasms are getting worse as the night goes on.

I will do my best for now, but until this gets straightened out, I hope my best is good enough.

Please understand.

Thanks To You It’s Working! Orange Live Celebrates ONE MILLION HITS

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Aug 182012

Twelve weeks and one day after launching Orange Live, the only online news site exclusively covering the town of Orange and its residents.

Five hours after I was FREED from my former job, and fulfilling my promise to the after school kids and bringing my dog for her weekly visit, I started the Orange Live Facebook Page — within an hour I had the required 30 “likes” to have complete control of the site.

That night I purchased the Orangectlive.com domain name and with the help of a wonderful friend, began building the website.

Six days later I launched Orange Live and that day, I was delighted to get 1,657 hits — like a grain of sand on the beach now.

Oh sure, there were those who said I didn’t have a plan and that Orange Live would never go anywhere, but here it is, three months later, I’m still working a ridiculous amount of hours every day, including weekends and loving every second.

I’ve never been known to relax and vacations, well they are few and far between by choice. If I go away, who could I possibly trust to do what I do?

Today (Aug. 18) was a huge day for me, watching the statistics as Orange Live received and then surpassed one million hits.

I thank each and every one of you for turning to Orange Live for your daily news about your community.

I promise to do my part by keeping on top of the things that I know are important to you, and Sports Writer Phil Brodsky will be with me for the best Amity sports coverage you will find anywhere.  I’ll attend as many meetings and events as possible and continue to post all of your notices for you, just send them in.

Visit our Orange Live Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/Orangectlive and “LIKE” it for even more local information and conversations with your fellow townspeople.

I Love Orange and I love this Job. Thank You All again for your support.