Look For The New Plastic Bag And Wrap Shed At The Transfer Station

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Jun 202020

Orange Recycling Committee Chairman Mitch Goldblatt just announced that today at 11 a.m. the Home Depot Store Manager Matt Hyatt, along with his associate Pete, delivered a new shed for the Plastic Bag and Wrap recycling at the Transfer Station and Recycling Center.

With the help of Transfer Station Equipment Operator Gerry Butler, it was set up and ready to go within minutes.

“Please help spread the word and thanks to everyone for their patience,” Goldblatt said.

This is supposed to be a temporary structure as The Home Depot has the approval for a permanent structure, but that may still be several months away.

Plastic Bag and Wrap Recycling Now Available in Orange

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Sep 042017

Orange Recycling Committee Chair Mitch Goldblatt has announced that plastic bag and plastic wrap recycling is now available throughout Orange.

The most recent area to recycle is at the Orange Transfer Station. As a Connecticut WRAP (Wrap Recycling Action Program) Champion with the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, the Orange Recycling Committee secured the Rack ‘N Pak system that all residents can utilize. Located next to the mixed recyclable container there is now a small shed that houses the Rack ‘N Pak. Residents are encouraged to bring their clean and dry plastic bags and wrap to be recycled.

Examples include:

  •   Retail, carryout, produce, newspaper, bread, and dry cleaning bags (clean, dry and free of receipts and clothes hangers)
  •   Zip-top food storage bags (clean and dry)
  •   Plastic shipping envelopes (remove labels), bubble wrap and air pillows (deflate)
  •   Product wrap on cases of water/soda bottles, paper towels, napkins, disposable cups, bathroom tissue, diapers, and female sanitary products
  •   Furniture and electronic wrap
  •   Plastic cereal box liners (but if it tears like paper, do not include)

In addition to the Transfer Station, residents can bring the same recyclable materials to a number of Orange merchants including Kohl’s, Lowe’s, Shop Rite, and Target.

These plastic bags and wraps are recycled into new grocery bags, benches, and decking.

Goldblatt reminds everyone that “plastic bags and wrap are NOT to be put into the blue curbside recycling bins or the single stream recycling at the Transfer Station. When separated using the new Rack ‘N Pak, our hauler City Carting will transfer the plastic bags and wrap to our material recovery facility Winters Brothers. By separating it, we will avoid the inevitable clogging of the sorting machinery, which may require a shut-down to remove the material.”

In addition to the entire Orange Recycling Committee, Goldblatt thanks Town Engineer and Public Works Director Bob Hiza and Transfer Station personnel for their assistance in establishing the area at the Transfer Station for plastic bag and wrap recycling.

If anyone has any questions, they can address them to orangerecycles@gmail.com

Orange Recycling Adds a New Twist To Its Shredding Day Event

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May 292017

The Orange Recycling Committee (ORC) will host its fifth shredding day on Saturday, June 3, in the front parking area of the High Plains Community Center (HPCC), 525 Orange Center Road, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

This service is free of charge to Orange residents due to a generous donation from the Rotary Club of Orange. In addition, the ORC is expanding the event to include mattress and box spring recycling. This free service is made possible through a partnership with the Mattress Recycling Council’s Bye Bye Mattress Program.

“Since our first paper shredding event in 2013, hundreds of residents have purged their homes and offices of sensitive financial and medical papers by bringing them for secure, environmentally-responsible shredding,” said ORC Chairman Mitch Goldblatt. “We’re thrilled to expand recycling opportunities for residents by also collecting mattress and box springs.”

Residents may bring bags or boxes filled with documents for shredding, and volunteers from the Orange Recycling Committee will deposit them into the shredding truck. The secure, on-site shredding trucks will once again be provided by Affordable Solutions, owned by Orange resident Joe Johnston.

To show their appreciation for these free recycling opportunities, residents may donate to the Orange Rotary Scholarship Fund. Rotarians will be on hand to collect donations.

There will be a separate area for residents to bring mattresses and box springs for recycling,

The Orange Lions Club has agreed to pick up Mattresses at the homes of residents on Saturday, June 3 and deliver them to High Plains for recycling.

They will charge $10 per mattress or box spring as long as it is clean, and either outside the house or in a garage for easy access. They will not go into the resident’s home.

Arrangements can be made by contacting Ken Lenz at 203 795-3906. Payment made be made by cash or check to Orange Lions Charities, and all proceeds are considered a charitable donation.

Paper Shredding and Mattress Recycling Event

BRING:  Tax papers, bills, receipts, statements, and documents that contain personal, financial and/or medical information. No need to remove staples or elastic bands, but clips should be removed for reuse. Mattresses and/or box springs.

DO NOT BRING: Newspapers, notebooks, folders, and other papers that can go in the regular residential recycling bins.

”Keeping these items out of landfills benefits our local community and contributes to a more global responsibility,” Goldblatt said. “It’s an added benefit that the event itself is a fun day for our volunteers and a great chance to interact with residents of our wonderful community.”

Additional information and contacts:

About the Orange Recycling Committee

The Orange Recycling Committee is a group of volunteers who live in Orange and are committed to increasing and simplify recycling options for Orange residents, at home and at town events:

Website: https://www.orange-ct.gov/govser/recycling.htm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ORCinCT/

About Bye Bye Mattress Bye Bye Mattress:

Bye Bye Mattress is Connecticut’s mattress recycling program. Established by law and operated by the non-profit Mattress Recycling Council, the program uses a recycling fee collected on each mattress and box spring sold to state residents to make recycling easier in our communities.

Whether a city picks up your discarded mattress, a retailer takes it back with your new purchase, or you drop it off, the Bye Bye Mattress program diverts your old mattress from waste to recycling.

Now, our landfills will be less crowded as old mattresses are recycled into new, useful products.

Visit www.ByeByeMattress.com or call 1-855-700-9973 for more information or connect with us on Facebook or Twitter.


Residents Bring More Than 5 Tons Of Paperwork To Be Shredded

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Oct 182015

IMG_6355On Saturday, Oct. 17, the Orange Recycling Committee offered a FREE document shredding event for Orange residents in the parking lot of the High Plains Community Center from 9 a.m. to noon.

The Rotary Club of Orange provided a grant to pay for the service.

The Recycling Committee invited residents to, “Bring your important documents and papers for secure, on-site shredding. You can even watch as your papers go into the special shredding truck and get destroyed! Our committee members will be on hand to assist and keep things moving quickly.”

Residents were told to simply bring papers in bags, boxes or bins. Neatness NOT required! All types of paper except newspaper. No need to remove staples or elastic bands, but clips should be removed for reuse.

To the committee’s delight, Orange heeded the call and began lining up 30 minutes early and the line didn’t die down until the very end after 225 residents took advantage of the service.

The truck is designed to accept 10,000 pounds of shredded material — but in the end, the truck was filled with 11,000 pounds.

ProShred truck operator Jeff Nemeth said everything ran smoothly and  the Recycling Committee and Rotary Club members who worked the event were very helpful and kept things moving along.

“The rear of the truck looks pregnant,” he said — and it did, the side panels were bulging.

After 11:30 when the truck was approaching capacity some residents had to be kept down to a couple of boxes of documents instead of the carload they brought.

Recycling Chairman Mitch Goldblatt said next year they may have to get a bigger truck. “We’re grateful to the Rotary Club for making this possible. I was happy to see a few people giving them donations during the shredding.”