First Day of School, Early Dismissal

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Aug 282018

Wednesday, August 29 is the first day of school in Orange.

Due to the oppressive heat and humidity, and uncomfortable conditions in classrooms, Orange schools will have early dismissal for the comfort and safety of students and staff.

So, parents, be prepared to make arrangements for your children, as they will be coming home earlier than you’d anticipated.

Be sure your children have water and know to stay hydrated during this heat wave. Remember ice cold water bottles will sweat and the condensation will pool up on their desks if they are allowed to have them in the classroom. Pack a paper towel or an insulated “cozy” to keep the water from getting hot or leaving a puddle on the desk.

Hang in there everyone, the Autumnal Equinox is only 25 days away.


2018-19 School Bus Routes – Race Brook School

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Aug 232018

The first day of school in Orange is Wednesday, Aug. 29.

Following is the bus route schedule for Race Brook School.


Route No. 50

Start Time 7:44 a.m.

Driver Don Gillotti

(1st Stop) 615 Lambert Road

639 Lambert Road

691 Lambert Road

719 Lambert Road

Shepherd Lane & Royal Lane

690 St John Drive

St John Drive & Farm River Road

655 St John Drive

15 Pryde Drive

5 Hampton Close

64 Hampton Close

78 Hampton Close

53 Woodside Drive

40 Woodside Drive

Murfield Drive & Woodside Drive

RaceBrook Road & Murfield Road

644 Racebrook Road

642 RaceBrook Road

620 RaceBrook Road

Racebrook Road & Andrew Lane

8 Andrew Lane

55 Andrew Lane

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Route No. 51

Start Time 7:55 a.m.

Driver Mike Tirollo

(1st Stop) Avalon Drive (West)

Avalon Drive (East)

RaceBrook Road & Neenan Road

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Route No. 52

Start Time 7:40 AM

Driver Joe Moncheski

(1st Stop) 1091 Orange Center Road

46 Williamsburg Drive

10 Williamsburg Drive

831 Walnut Hill Road

Walnut Hill Rd & Green Hill Rd

20 Green Hill Road

47 Green Hill Road

65 Green Hill Road

804 Walnut Hill Road

Orange Center & Pinecrest (North)

1051 Orange Center Road

24 RaceBrook Terrace

44 Center Road Circle

Orange Center Road & Morning Glory

940 Orange Center Road (South of Rt 34)

904 Orange Center Road (South of Rt 34)

764 Lambert Road

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Route No. 53

Start Time 7:40 a.m.

Driver Ken Mitchell Jr

(1st Stop) 834 Sheffield Road

Ohman Ave & Columbia St

Woodruff Rd & Hadley Rd

College Road & Ohman Ave

Ohman Ave & Alling Road

806 Oakwood Road

828 Oakwood Road

834 Dentree Drive

814 Dentree Drive

319 Derby Ave

329 Derby Ave

341 Derby Ave

Birchwood Drive & Whitney Lane

842 Birchwood Drive

5 Ironwood Way

20 Ironwood Way

214 Derby Ave

Derby Ave & Mapleview Road

176 Derby Ave

643 Dogwood Road

Cummings Drive & Twin Acre Road

142 Grannis Road

125 Grannis Road

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Route No. 54

Start Time 7:40 a.m.

Driver Polly Knight

(1st Stop) 584 RaceBrook Road

528 Racebrook Road

470 Locust Drive

Locust Drive & Edward Court

540 Bishop Drive

47 Hall Drive

63 Hall Drive

Chippendale La & Wedgewood Dr

Putting Green & Lambert Road

464 Lambert Road

29 Rolling Ridge Road

47 Sunset Drive

85 Sunset Drive

528 Lambert Road

546 Lambert Road

575 Lambert Road

16 Tyler City Road

Grannis Road & Racebrook Rd

19 Grannis Road

27 Grannis Road

85 Grannis Road

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Route No. 55

Start Time 7:40 a.m.

Driver Gary Colello

(1st Stop) 493 Derby Ave

537 Derby Ave

Trillium Court & Green Circle

916 Mapledale Road

909 Mapledale Road

145 Peach Tree Drive

854 Mapledale Road

834 Mapledale Road

181 Surrey Drive

202 Surrey Drive

132 Cherry Hill Road

104 Cherry Hill Road

840 Orange Center Road

122 Pardee Manor

639 Schoolhouse Lane

669 Orange Center Road

695 Orange Center Road

166 Orchard Road

Old Hickory Road & South Hickory Rd

128 Buttonball Road

125 Rogers Road

116 Tyler City Road

121 Tyler City Road

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Route No. 56

Start Time 7:40 a.m.

Driver Roy Cuzzocreo

(1st Stop) 356 Dogwood Road

377 Dogwood Road

438 Howelton Road

471 Howelton Road

482 Howelton Road

486 Grace Trail

Grace Trail & Sheldon Court

450 Grace Trail

477 Alling Farm Road

551 Summit Drive

Crestwood Terrace & Summit Drive

455 Dogwood Road

477 Dogwood Road

496 Dogwood Road

521 Dogwood Road

537 Dogwood Road

Dogwood Road & Riggs Road

605 Dogwood Road

638 Avon Drive

599 Avon Drive

579 Avon Drive

551 Avon Drive

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Route No. 57

Start Time 7:40 a.m.

Driver Al Cremonie

(1st Stop)  806 North Lakeview Drive

826 North Lakeview Drive

805 North Indian Hill Road

825 Tall Timber Road

844 Tall Timber Road

North Indian Hill Rd & Hillcrest Rd

North Indian Hill Rd & Shagbark Rd

842 Shagbark Drive

Shagbark Drive & Hillcrest Road

869 Dogburn Road

841 Dogburn Road

Dogburn Rd & Glen Rd

826 Dogburn Road

811 Dogburn Road

95 Derby Ave

129 Derby Ave

656 Chestnut Ridge Road

74 Derby Ave.

Juniper Drive & Lakeview Road

315 Juniper Drive

284 Great Oak Road

290 Great Oak Road

Harborview Road & Hunting Hill Road

616 Chestnut Ridge Road

594 Chestnut Ridge Road

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Route No. 58

Start Time 7:40 AM

Driver Mike Delmedico

(1st Stop) Founder Way & Lindy St

16 Founders Way

330 Dogburn Lane

351 Dogburn Lane

380 Spring St

145 New Haven Ave

175 New Haven Ave

399 Dogwood Road

484 Alpom Drive

120 Russell Ave

483 New England Lane

Overland Drive & Highfield Drive

523 Highfield Drive

549 Highfield Drive

111 Cricket Lane

141 Cricket Lane

402 Dogburn Lane

124 New Haven Ave

484 Halliwell Ave

548 Halliwell Ave

510 Ferry Road

New Haven Ave & Quintard Lane

513 Quintard Lane

5 Russell Ave

33 Russell Ave

95 Russell Ave

Arrival Time 8:15 a.m.

Regular Dismissal 3:00 p.m.


Routing By Tirollo Bus Co., LLC

Have a wonderful school year!

Supt. McMullin Addresses Critics Regarding Halloween Events

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Nov 022012

Following is a press release from Orange Superintendent Lynn McMullin:

I have heard from several parents regarding the cancellation of Halloween parades and parties for this year; and last night when I had a little more time, I wrote a detailed explanation for this very difficult situation.  I sincerely hope it helps everyone to understand how the decision was made.

I did not mean to top-down mandate the culture of the district.  Nor was this a malicious or punitive decision.  This was simply a decision that needed to be made quickly, among many decisions made this week, and I took responsibility for it.   There were many factors to consider, such as teachers needing to finish-up units for the end of the term, which is right upon us… such as our pending Veterans Day celebrations scheduled for Thursday, Friday, and Monday for which the teachers and children need to carefully prepare… and the reality that so many parents have already had to juggle their work schedules for the past five days due to our closures.

Additionally, I grew up believing that the cure for chaos and misfortune was a return to routine as soon as possible.  I did not personally cancel Halloween to advance an agenda; and had the storm not wiped out five days of classes, all the Halloween celebrations would have gone on as scheduled.  But, unfortunate circumstances did intervene; and for that I am sorry, but not to blame.   I know that parents may not understand this, but four days lost in November are not really equal to four days made-up in June.  It’s not a one-for-one trade, and any teacher you might speak to would quickly confirm that.

Finally, when I came to Orange, I did not come as a dictator.  I listened when teachers said they did not have enough time to complete the curriculum.  Some teachers told me they could not fit in daily math instruction, which distressed me.  Yes, I did set three district-wide goals this year, and protecting instructional time is one of them.  But, what I meant by protecting instructional time is centered on a former practice in which the teachers were too often pulled from their classrooms for curriculum writing and professional development activities at the district level.

In addition to this key change at the district level, I asked teachers to plan activities with a clear curricular objective or target and write it on the board, so that students can refer to it.  Learning does not have to be contrary to either self-expression or having fun.

Finally, I asked our teachers to protect instructional time by being selective and choosing the most rewarding activities among the many possible enhancements.  We can’t do everything that comes along; therefore, we must choose the best.

These objectives are clearly documented in my opening day talk to the teachers, which you can find on the webpage or linked below.   I will try to continue to live by these principles because I deeply believe in them and I think, at heart, the school community does as well.  I canceled the Halloween parades and parties because it will be November 7th, not October 31st; because Veteran’s Day is immediately upon us the next day and worthy of our careful attention; because also upon us is the end of the term; and finally, because the school Halloween events had gone off without a hitch the weekend before Sandy hit, “Truck or Treat” was being offered by a volunteer parents and our First Selectman Jim Zeoli at High Plains this Saturday, and the real ‘Trick or Treating’ in neighborhoods was still taking place.  I was also thinking about our parents who have had to request time off this week and are likely to be feeling a squeeze when requesting additional time.  Many are planning to come with their family members to the Veteran’s Day celebration as well.

When you get a chance, please take a look at these ‘celebrations’ of the Orange District.  They represent a side of me that seems as yet to be unknown to you.  I do support enrichment activities.  I do understand that learning takes place outside of the textbook.  I have never claimed it’s all about the test scores.  (I also included my Opening Day message to the teachers, in which I talked about protecting instructional time, so you can see it was not related to Halloween or any agenda.)