0 No! Branford Breaks Orange Legion’s Winning Streak

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Jul 182012

A file photo of the Orange Legion players.

Playing baseball in the middle of a heatwave when the temperature after dusk is still in the 80s is miserable.

Stifling heat and humidity will wear anyone down and it’s doubly as brutal when you are competing in a sporting event.

The Orange Legion baseball team knew that they were in for a tough night as they made their way to Branford High School for a match up against the Branford team, but it could have gone either way as inning after inning the score stood at a 0-0 tie.

Then, somewhere along the way, Branford made a run and Orange could not pull ahead this time.

So Branford won 1-0 in the first of three games that complete the regular season for the Legion teams.

The rivals meet again tonight at Brinley at 7 p.m. and tomorrow in Branford at 5:45 p.m.

All Legion games must be played by Thursday, let’s hope Mother Nature cooperates.