Notes In A Nutshell: Police Commission

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Feb 142017

Police Chief Robert Gagne

The Orange Police Commission met at Headquarters on Monday afternoon (Feb. 13).

There wasn’t much on the agenda, but the following information was discussed.


• Police Department roof repairs were made at a fair price.

• Policy software was updated

• Building improvements —minor repairs were made in the women’s locker room.

• New officer expenses — polygraph exams and new uniforms for recruits.

• Storage for body camera videos, which is reimbursable by the state.

Budget balances

• Administrative Overtime in Records while new employees are being trained.


Chief Gagne went before the Capital Planning Committee to present the department’s needs. He said all projects were accepted but he doesn’t expect all of them to pass by the Board of Finance.

He’s fairly confident that a generator and requested security package will survive the board.

Home Depot donated windshield washer fluid for the patrol cars for which the Chief and officers are grateful.

The Lions Club of Orange donated $1,000 for a K9 vest. This will be used with a generous donation from the Orange Juniorettes to outfit both Orange K9s with protective vests.

Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo delivered the monthly statistic report for January:

3,037 calls for service, 119 activated burglar alarms, 40 criminal arrests, 23 shoplifting/larcenies, 19 fights/disturbances, 4 DWI arrests, 86 traffic accidents, 146 Medical emergencies, 152 motor vehicle citations issued.

Notes In A Nutshell: Orange Police Commission

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Aug 102016

Orange Police Headquarters

Orange Police Headquarters

The Orange Police Commission met on Monday Aug. 9 at Police Headquarters. 

Following are notes from that meeting.

Traffic Authority

Orange Train Station Complex — Tom Daley, Ed Crowley presenting. 

Daley showed the commissioners the the plans that were previously presented with minimal modifications. He said it received the Zoning Commission’s approval, and now they have to go before the Town Plan & Zoning Commission with the site plan.

He said there were no changes to the plan, but he needed the Police Chief’s signature before he could present to the TP&Z.

For our Orange Live readers who’ve been following this, the part of the train station plans he’s talking about involves a mixed use building with 200 1 and 2 bedroom (rental) residential units, retail area, parking for residents, a road that goes to Yale campus making it easier for Yale employees to access the future Orange Train Station. A portion of the 5-story parking garage also has a dedicated area for residents.

A circular driveway can be used for drop offs and pick ups. There also is a taxi area, and a 566 parking space commuter parking lot.

The developers are working with a property owner for the use of a tiny strip of land so they can add a two lane exit to the plans. 

Daley said he was going before the TP&Z next week and the Board of Selectmen this week.

He said the CT Department of Transportation now has an RFP (request for proposal) out and a consultant is doing an environmental impact study.

So, when will all of this building begin?

The State has to build the train platform before any of the residential construction can begin (Phase 1). Marsh Hill Road will be widened a little and the road will be re-striped.

He said they’ve been working on this since 2000 and hope to break ground by 2017, but with so many factors in play on the state side, he can’t give a definitive answer now.

The commission UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED the plans, and Chief Gagne signed the paperwork. 

Traffic Light

Gagne informed the commission that the state is working on a left turn on Route 34 East at Baldwin Road and a traffic light would be installed in 2018.

Former Staples Building

Fuss and O’Neil ran their plans by Chief Gagne which showed they would not make changes to the parking lot since the proposed medical offices will draw about as much traffic as the store did.


A resident requested a crosswalk be put on Orange Center Road at High Plains Drive.

During the commission discussion, Chief Gagne said there’s not a strong pedestrian usage, there are no sidewalks and there is a crosswalk just 2/10 of a mile down the road. It doesn’t meet the state parameters and there isn’t a lot of demand for it, so the commission would not be recommending it to the state. 

Police Commission

Asst. Chief Tony Cuozzo presented the department’s activities for the month of July. 

He said in July several cars were entered and rummaged through. During this spree, ONE home was entered, a laptop was taken and the car stolen. (No locations provided for any of these incidents)

He added that on Sunday, Aug. 8, a car was stolen on Estelle Court. Luckily it was equipped with OnStar and quickly located.


A total of $293.55 was raised from the sale of reports, permits, fingerprints, etc.

Burglaries in Orange: Police Say, Always Report Suspicious Activity

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Feb 122016

police carDuring this week’s Police Commission Meeting Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo reported that officers were investigating two home burglaries that occurred in January.

Cuozzo said the incidents took place in the North West area of town off of Route 34.

In both incidents the unknown suspect (s) forcibly entered the homes and took jewelry and small electronic items, which, Cuozzo said are easily pawned.

The Orange Police are sharing information with other regional police departments to determine if there is any connection to their cases.

Detectives also are working with the regional group to try and solve the recent Smoothie King robbery.

In addition, police are investigating a “smash and grab” burglary at Knight’s Power Equipment on the Boston Post Road that happened today at 5:30 a.m.

Cuozzo asks residents to be aware of any suspicious activity in town, both at businesses and in their own neighborhoods and to call the Orange Police Department at 203-891-2130 to report it immediately.

“We take all calls seriously, and it often is the citizen caller reporting something that doesn’t seem right that leads to arrests in these types of incidents,” Cuozzo said.

Notes in A Nutshell: Police Commission

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May 122015

Orange Police Headquarters

Orange Police Headquarters

The Orange Police Commission met at Town Hall on Monday, May 11.

As always the Traffic Authority portion of the meeting came first to discuss any traffic related issues, followed by the general Police Commission items.

Following were some of the topics on the agenda:

Traffic Authority

Subdivision for 560 Lambert Road to subdivide 3.51 Acres of Residential Land to create 2 lots. The applicant went to TP&Z last week but did not have all the approvals and signatures he needed for consideration.

He told the commissioners that the existing house will be removed and two houses would go in along with two new driveways.

Police Chief Robert Gagne looked at the plans and said the sight lines would be the same as they now are.

After a brief discussion the commission unanimously approved the plans.

The applicant received the signatures he needed and will go before the TP&ZC at its next meeting.

• Safety complaint

A resident on Buttonball Road spoke to Asst. Chief Cuozzo about cars speeding in this family neighborhood and expressed her wishes for Children At Play signs as a way to help keep up to 9 kids living there safe.

All of the commissioners are familiar with the road and added the comment, “if another car is coming you may have to stop so they can get by” to the discussion.

Chief Gagne said police will monitor the traffic as much as they can.

They unanimously agreed that getting the signs asap is a priority.

ALS Trek Bike Ride

The annual Tri-State ALS Trek bike ride from Cambridge Mass to Greenwich Ct June 26-28 will come through Orange on Sunday, June 28.

Chief Gagne said the bicyclists will be riding down Route 1, Malloy and Dogwood Roads and up through Route 34 on the final day of the event.

Police Commission

Asst. Chief Cuozzo presented the monthly report for April.

There were two commercial burglaries last month.  The first was at Fieldstone Village where someone took snowblowers. The second was at the unoccupied Orange Medical Center where construction and cleaning equipment were taken at some point, but the actual date is unknown.

A residential burglary was reported on Garden Road and Jewelry and silverware were reported missing.

Copper pipes were taken from a vacant home on Brookside Drive (in the same part of town as Garden Road)

Officers responded to a burglar alarm at another home (address not stated) and jewelry was reported missing.

In April police made 35 criminal arrests, issued 429 traffic tickets, investigated one stolen car complaint, and responded to 58 motor vehicle accidents.

Department Expenditures

• Sgt. Ray LaPlante was sent to accident reconstruction training.

• Minor leaks in the building were repaired

•Cabinetry was installed in the mobile command post

•A drain on the roof was retrofitted.

Budget Balance

Chief Gagne said everything looks good.

Any overtime (overages) can be taken care of by end of fiscal year.

The cost of gas went down and that helped save money.


A resident wrote a letter saying an officer who helped her was patient and kind and went the extra mile.

Another resident praised an officer for ensuring her safety when she had car trouble.

New Recruits

The Orange Police Department will welcome four new officers at the police academy graduation in Milford on Monday, May 18.

All four officers will be sworn in on Tuesday, May 19 and then begin their on the job training.

Police Activity Report For September

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Oct 172014

BEST-POLICE-Patch-EVER-275x300The Orange Police Department has been busy serving the community.
At this week’s police commission meeting, Assistant Chief Anthony Cuozzo released the following report for police activity from September. 

2,698 Calls for Service
1 Burglary (1 residential)
100 Activated Burglar Alarms
38 Criminal Arrests
22 Shoplifting/Larcenies
23 Fights/Disturbances
5 Arrests for DWI
72 Traffic Accidents
340 Motor Vehicle Citations Issued
121 Medical Emergencies

Orange Police Commission: November Statistics Revealed Including Two Burglaries

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Dec 112012

The green light globes glow at the entrance of the Orange Police Department at night.

The Orange Police Commission met on Monday, Dec. 10 at the Police Department.

Asst. Chief Anthony Cuozzo delivered the monthly statistics report for the month of November.

Last month, police received 2,569 calls for service. Among these were 124 medical emergencies and 131 Activated burglar alarms.

There were 109 traffic accidents, 249 motor vehicle citations issued, 2 DWI arrests, 23 fights and/or disturbances, 33 criminal arrests and 31 shoplifting/larcenies reported.

In addition, 2 burglaries were reported, one commercial and one residential.

According to Cuozzo, on Nov. 1 someone reportedly stole extension cords and scrap copper from the construction site of Aurora Foods.

An attempted residential burglary was reported on Greenway Road Nov. 27. According to the report, someone set off the burglar alarm when he or she tried to force in a door.

Meeting Notes: Police Commission

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Jul 172012

Police Headquarters

This week’s Police Traffic Authority meeting was fairly uneventful.

Chief Robert Gagne told the commissioners that Frontage Road, which is part of the Yale University property is now known as West Campus Drive having been approved by the Board of Selectmen.

During the Police Commission meeting, Asst. Chief Edward Koether read the following report:• In June, police made 28 criminal arrests, issued 279 motor vehicle tickets, responded to 26 larceny cases and 71 motor vehicle accidents. No residential or commercial burglaries were reported, and there was 1 motor vehicle reported stolen in town.Last month there were 2,524 calls which generated 422 reports.

Investigative Services Unit (ISU)

• The ISU assisted Ansonia in a stolen jewelry case.

Koether said the jewelry that was stolen in Ansonia was sold at Fast Eddie’s on the Boston Post Road.

The Orange police assisted in getting the jewelry back so it could be returned to the rightful owner.

• He went over the details of the arson arrest at Christmas Tree Shoppe

“An employee used one of the aerosol cans from the bathroom and lit it on fire. When he couldn’t control it, he stuck it up in the ceiling.” Koether said. “Fortunately the manager and other employees smelled it and went to put it out. The fire department responded and the employee was arrested.”

• ISU is investigating an alleged forgery case in town, involving family members and a personal loan that went wrong.

• The ISU also is investigating an identity theft case.

A resident on North Greenbrier reported that UPS delivered a laptop computer that he did not order.

“Someone had ordered it and had it delivered to that address with the hope of obtaining it before the homeowner got it,” Koether said. “The resident returned the computer.”

• There were two sexual assault arrests in June, both involving youths.

One is a child now, the other was a child at the time of the incident, but is older now.

• ISU is still investigating the Quick Stop Gas Station robbery from April

• In addition, ISU is looking into an allegation that an ex-husband opened insurance policies in his ex-wife’s name. The man was not the beneficiary, but the policies were in her name and she would have to pay for them.

Youth Officer

Youth Officer John Aquino had a busy month:

• He participated in the Special Olympics torch run

• Ran a booth at the Orange Expo

• Took part in the Lowe’s Safety Day