A Statement From Orange Police Chief Robert Gagne

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Jun 022020

Police Chief Robert Gagne
(File Photo by Cory Ziman)

This statement was posted on the OPD Facebook page:

The men and women of the Orange Police Department condemn the actions of the four police officers who were involved in the mistreatment and death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.

It was sickening to watch the lack of training, judgment, and human empathy displayed by these officers. We have worked hard to ensure that nothing like this will ever occur here. We start by making sure that we hire good people, who we can trust to engage our public with our values and mission always in mind.

We are committed to community policing and were practicing that in this Department before the term ever became popular. Our officers are well trained in the proper use of force, procedural justice, crisis intervention, and the sanctity of life.

We are the medical first responder for the Town. Each of our officers is trained to at least the level of EMR (Emergency Medical Responder), with many being trained to the higher level of EMT (Emergency Medical Technician). We embrace that responsibility, our multiple roles, and all that comes with them.

Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family of George Floyd. We stand with the good men and women of law enforcement who continue to believe in human respect and dignity.

Chief Robert J. Gagne