Police: Be Aware Of Car Break-Ins, Lock Your Doors!

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Mar 112018

Over the past few days, the Orange Police Department has had numerous reports of vehicles broken into and two vehicles have been stolen from their driveways.

These thefts have occurred in the overnight to early morning hours, and the common denominator has been that the vehicles that were broken into were unlocked. The vehicles that were stolen had key fobs accessible to the thieves.

Officers were able to view residential surveillance video of some of the perpetrators and their actions. The perpetrators (in this instance) worked in groups, moving from car-to-car in a neighborhood, checking doors to find cars that were unlocked.

When they found an unlocked car, they ransacked the interior for valuables. The cars that had fobs accessible were stolen outright.

The Orange Police Department asks that you lock all of your vehicles and do not leave valuables visible inside a vehicle, even if that vehicle is locked.

If you have any information on these incidents or see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call the Orange Police Department 24/7 at 891-2130.