Klarides Urges Consumers to Shop Around for the Cheapest Energy Rates

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Jan 032019

House Republican Leader Themis Klarides today reminded consumers and business owners they can combat rising energy rates by shopping around for alternatives to the Standard Service generation rates that rose with the beginning of the new year.

The alternatives can be found by accessing energizect.com and entering data that will lead customers to potentially cheaper sources.

“Connecticut residents and business, already burdened with the highest electrical rates in the country, are again facing another hike in their monthly bills,’’ Klarides said. The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority approved the rate hikes in response to the higher generation costs and purchase agreements the utilities were exposed to.

The estimated average monthly rate hike for Eversource customers is $12 and $16 for Avangrid (United Illuminating) customers.

The high consumer costs are the result of failed deregulation of the industry dating to the 1990s, a lack of natural resources in Connecticut and subsequent regulations that require higher cost energy to be available to consumers.

Klarides said the reality is that Connecticut’s location at the end of the natural gas pipeline puts it at a disadvantage to virtually every other state. “We must pursue strategies that do not penalize the very people who can least afford these increases in their monthly bills,’’ she said. “But people should know there are alternatives to the Standard Service rates offered by Eversource and Avangrid right now.’’

The state Consumer Counsel’s office urges customers who shop for alternative rates to carefully review all offers, and the terms and length of contracts, before signing them.