Kevin Arnone’s Local Forecast

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Jan 022014

Snowfall059The latest from Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

After analyzing data from today, I am very confident in a forecast for the next few days.

Expect snow to begin after midnight tonight (Wednesday night) and continuing throughout the night and much of the morning.  This will be a very light snow falling at a light pace.  By early afternoon tomorrow only expect 1-2 inches.

There will be breaks in the action during the day tomorrow where the sun may even peek out for a few minutes.

As the storm moves off shore it will develop into a much more powerful organized storm.  This will occur late Thursday night.  A much steadier snow will fall sometime after 10 PM Thursday Night depending upon the exact track of the storm.  Winds will pick up; gusts of 40+ mph are very possible.

Snow will continue through the overnight hours on Thursday night and come to an end early Friday Morning.

When it is all said and done 5-10 Inches throughout the state of CT with some spots of 10+.

It will be very tough to get an accurate snow measure Friday Morning because of snow drifts!

One thing I am worried about is the wind chill values.

Thursday night wind chills throughout the state will be well below 0 degrees.

If you are outside make sure you wear layers.

Kevin Arnone: Out To Sea Or Direct Hit? What Will Storm Track Bring?

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Mar 042013

White Out Conditions

Let’s hope we don’t anything like this on Wednesday.

Our Meteorologist Kevin Arnone submitted his latest forecast regarding a nasty storm heading this way. Will it be Track 1 or Track 2? 

Orange Live: I vote for Track 1

The latest 00Z Euro on Monday has the storm going out to sea, but strong winds and coastal flooding will still be in the forecast for Wednesday night/Thursday even if the EURO is right. (Canada and NAM Model agree with Euro). The latest 00Z GFS on Monday has a direct impact for CT where we could see significant amount of snow, wind and flooding.  Very powerful Nor’ easter if this plays out.

At this point there are two possible storm tracks, the models really have been all over the place concerning the storm.  The exact placement isn’t know yet because the models have been flip flopping quite a bit, but I can tell you with confidence that this monster storm will surely develop and depending on the exact track could mean major problems for CT Wednesday/Thursday.

Track 1 would mean the storm goes out to sea and at most here in CT we would see clouds, flurries, wind and minor coastal flooding. Track 2 would mean storm impacts CT where we would see typical Nor’easter weather, heavy snow, strong winds and coastal flooding!