The Final Primary Results From Orange’s Three Districts

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Aug 142018

Here’s the total of all 3 districts (combined) in the primary today (Aug. 14)

Stefanowski will take on Lamont in November.



Mark Boughton                 150

Timothy Herbst                 179

Steve Obsitnik                   104

Bob Stefanowski              338

David Stemerman             135

Lt. Governor

Joe Markley                     380

Jayme Stevenson            244

Erin Stewart                     267

US Senator

Matthew Corey            557

Dominic Rapini             270

State Senator

Anthony Giannattasio      215

Pam Staneski                   530


Thad Gray             508

Art Linares            330


Kurt Miller                    514

Mark Greenberg          329

Attorney General

Sue Hatfield             672

John Shaban            181



Ned Lamont         682

Joe Ganim            126

Lt. Governor

Susan Bysiewicz      557

Eva Zimmerman        255


Shawn Wooden         478

Dita Bhargava            304

Attorney General

William Tong       390

Paul Doyle            128

Chris Mattei         284

Staneski And Ferraro Ask Bond Commission To Oppose Funds For Toll Study

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Jul 202018


Dismayed by Governor Malloy’s plan to use his executive authority to request a $10 million dollar feasibility toll study by the Department of Transportation conduct, State Reps. Pam Staneski (R-119) and Charles Ferraro (R-117) delivered a letter to the Governor and all other members of the State Bond Commission asking that the commission oppose the $10 million request at its July 25th special meeting.

In the letter both Reps. Staneski and Ferraro said they felt strongly that such use of taxpayer’s money is irresponsible on many levels, not the least of which is the fragile fiscal condition of our state.

In the 2018 General Assembly Session it was the will of leadership in the House of Representatives to not debate tolls legislation.

“The concept of tolls was summarily dismissed as pressure mounted from the citizens of the State of Connecticut who did not want tolls and freely expressed that sentiment. The General Assembly as a body decided we would not expend money for a study of tolls,” Staneski said“I received 100s of letters, calls and emails this past session almost all opposed to any sort of toll plan.”

Both Staneski and Ferraro believe that the fact that this item has now been fast-tracked for the July 25th Bond Commission special meeting not only disregards what the legislature explicitly and expressively decided but is a massive misuse of taxpayer’s dollars at a time when, on a bi-partisan vote, the legislature has made a commitment to get our fiscal situation under control through the Biennium Budget.

Rep. Ferraro said, “The tolls study is a frivolous spending plan that completely ignores the Legislative Branch at a time when the people of Connecticut have reached out to us as their elected officials and made it quite clear they do not want tolls.”

According to the Governor’s executive order, DOT would use the $10 million to conduct the following:

  • Prepare a comprehensive assessment for possible electronic tolling on I-95, I-91, I-84, the Wilbur Cross Parkway, the Merritt Parkway, and any other limited access highways as determined by the DOT Commissioner, which includes potential toll monitoring and specifies proposed toll charges;
  • Explore potential ways to provide discounts, tax credits, or other value-pricing options to Connecticut residents while ensuring out-of-state drivers contribute their fair share;
  • Explore plans that could reduce motor vehicle fuel taxes; and
  • Study the environmental impacts of electronic tolling systems.

The Special State Bonding Commission is scheduled to meet at 10:30 a.m. next Wednesday, July 25th to approve funding requests submitted by Governor Malloy. As chairman of the commission, Gov. Malloy has the discretion to determine which items that are included in the bonding meeting.

State Comptroller Kevin Lembo, who is a member of the State Bond Commission, already has expressed his intent to vote against the $10 million for a toll study.

Staneski Hails Final House Approval of Dyslexia Bill

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May 302015

State Rep. Pam Staneski

State Rep. Pam Staneski

To help students who struggle with reading skills, State Rep. Pam Staneski (Milford & Orange) gave final House of Representatives approval to legislation which will improve our state’s dyslexia detection and educational training to the learning disability.

This bill makes several changes to state education law regarding dyslexia by requiring the State Department of Education to designate an employee to help parents and boards of education detect and intervene for students with dyslexia, and for teacher preparation programs and in-service training programs to include dyslexia education and training.

Additionally, the bill also sets a January 1, 2016 deadline for state to develop or approve reading assessments, which, among other things, will help identify students at risk for dyslexia. And it puts dyslexia in the same category as other learning disabilities that call for the development of individual education programs.

“This bill is a critical first step in making sure K-3 educators who might not be schooled in phonemic awareness are fully trained on how to detect and educate students with dyslexia. With proper education, children with dyslexia can be very successful students,” said Rep. Staneski, a former educator herself and a member of the legislature’s Education committee.

Dyslexia is a sub-category of “specific learning disabilities,” which are disorders of at least one basic psychological process involved in the understanding, or use of, written or spoken language that may manifest themselves in a number of ways involving the ability to listen, think, speak, read, write, spell, or do math. These disabilities do not include learning problems that are primarily the result of visual, hearing, or motor disabilities, or mental retardation or emotional disturbance, or environmental or economic disadvantage.

The bill now goes to Governor Malloy for his review and signature.

Klarides, Staneski, and Slossberg Tour Sikorsky

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Feb 242015

State Reps. Pam Staneski (R-119), Jason Perillo (R-113), Kim Rose (D-118), Sen. Gayle Slossberg,(D-14), State Rep. Laura Hoydick, (R-120) with House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (R-114), State Rep. Ben McGorty and United Technologies, Government Relations, Jackie

State Reps. Pam Staneski (R-119), Jason Perillo (R-113), Kim Rose (D-118), Sen. Gayle Slossberg,(D-14), State Rep. Laura Hoydick, (R-120) with House Republican Leader Themis Klarides (R-114), State Rep. Ben McGorty and United Technologies, Government Relations, Jackie

State Representatives Themis Klarides (R-114), Pam Staneski (R-119) and State Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-14) participated in a two-hour-long facility tour for area lawmakers at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation in Stratford on Monday, Feb 23.

Both Rep. Klarides and Sen. Slossberg voted last session to support an incentive program to bolster Connecticut’s aerospace industry, foster the creation and retention of jobs and protect our national defense. United Technologies Corporation, which is the state’s largest private employer, does business with companies in Orange and Milford, and many employees reside in the towns.

Staneski, is serving her first term in the General Assembly was impressed with the Sikorsky plant.

Staneski said, “The presence of Sikorsky in the region has a direct impact on the district, we have a vested interest in keeping them in our state. After touring Sikorsky my belief is only reinforced that we must maintain and encourage good paying jobs for Connecticut residents.”

Klarides said, “Sikorsky Aircraft is a beacon for jobs and manufacturing in our state. We recognize that Sikorsky’s continued strong presence in Connecticut has a substantial impact on hundreds of small companies that do business with them and the thousands of employees they employ.”

“This is a great example of a successful partnership between state and private enterprise,” said Sen. Slossberg. “Sikorsky is thriving and continues to hire a large number of students from UConn and our vo-tech schools. Their business success is great news for the more than 1500 UTC employees and nearly 100 UTC suppliers in our towns.”