Notes In A Nutshell: Police Commission (Body Cams, Windmill Vineyard, Note From Tim Granada)

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May 112016

police+body+camerasThe Orange Police Commission meets every month at the Orange Police Department. The meeting is split up in two sections the Traffic Authority which deals with everything related to traffic; and the Police Commission, which covers everything else that the police handle.

Here are notes from the April and May meetings.

April (covering department activities in March) 

Traffic Authority

A resident complained about traffic problems on Dogburn Road and put in a request for a stop sign.

The area didn’t meet the criteria for a stop sign but Chief Robert Gagne said the sight line issue is easily resolved and the Orange Highway Department or the homeowner could trim back the vegetation.

Gagne said the location does not have the accident numbers or traffic to justify installing a stop sign.

The Milford United Way Ride for Hope charity motorcycle ride will come through Orange and Sgt Ray LaPlante most likely will participate in the event.

Police Commission

In March, the Orange Police Department collected $1,820 in revenue from tickets, copies of reports, fingerprints, etc.

Officers responded to 3,768 calls for service.  There were 3 robberies — two were related (subway and dip top) third stemmed fro a shoplifting at overstock warehouse one female juvenile arrested

In addition power tools were reported missing from a residential shed.


New tasers with holsters came out of officers clothing allowance, remainder came from the state.

HVAC repairs were paid for by an approved bond.

Department has a new DELL server part of state grant.

Orange PD took delivery of 50 body cameras. This was funded by a reimbursable grant. The town had to pay up-front and the money will be reimbursed.

An on-shift body cam and dash cam training program is upcoming.

Orange’s policy for these tools mirrors the statewide policy.

Chief Robert Gagne said cameras will help the department by showing an entire incident from start to finish — not just select images from a random cell phone video.

An officer’s perspective is different from that of a dash cam or a distant cell phone video.

“People behave better when they know they are on camera,” Gagne said. “It’s a good tool, but not a miracle cure for all the problems in the world.”

Officer Amarone put in for a $300 grant which was awarded by the Orange Lions Club. Money will go toward funding for community programs (DARE, giveaways at the fair, etc.)

The Department’s Police Awards presentations will take place on Tuesday, May 17 at High Plains Community Center.

Commission meeting on May 9 (covering April’s department activities) 

During the Traffic Authority portion of the meeting Attorney Brian Stone presented the revised plans for the Windmill Vineyard on Route 34.

An ALS bike ride will be coming through town from May 24-26 and Orange Police will monitor the activity.

Route 114 (Racebrook Road) will be paved soon.

Police Commission 

In April the department responded to 3,676 calls for service, including 1 residential and 4 commercial burglaries.

The residential burglary occurred during the overnight hours and nothing was taken.  The commercial burglaries are possibly related and detectives are working on those.

Officers also responded to 118 activated burglar alarms, 131 medical emergencies, 24 fights/disturbances and 18 shoplifting/larceny complaints.

There were 48 criminal arrests, 4 DWI arrests, 77 traffic accidents and 261 motor vehicle citations issued.

The OPD made $1,107.95 in records revenue, including copies of reports and permits.

Expenditures: The department hired a new Records Employee and paid for training.

A $15,000 overage will come back from the state through the distracted driving grant.

More body cameras arrived and the policy is in effect. On-shift training is going well.

NOTE: Each month the Chief shares letters and thank you notes received during the prior month.

In April, he received a thank you note from Tim Granata, who was 23 years old when he was charged with killing his mother in their home on Wild Rose Drive back on July 24, 2014.

Granata thanked the department and one officer in particular for the respectful way he was treated on “the worst day of his life.”

Notes In A Nutshell: Orange Police Commission – Change on Derby Milford Road

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Feb 112015

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 11.53.48 PMThe Orange Police Commission met at Police Headquarters Wednesday, Feb. 11.

Derby-Milford Road

In October, Orange Live reported that both the Derby and Orange Police departments sent letters to the state requesting a study be done on Derby-Milford Road to ban thru truck traffic.

It’s been four months, but at this week’s meeting, Police Chief Robert Gagne told the commissioners that their request has been approved by the state — Derby-Milford Road will no longer have thru truck traffic.

The commission voted to go forward with having the Highway Department install signs on Derby-Milford Road ASAP.


Asst. Chief Tony Cuozzo said the department had a busy January with several shed break-ins in the North West area of town (the Greenbriers and High Ridge section).

Tools and other items were taken in the burglaries.

Cuozzo added that two vacant homes that are set back from the road were burglarized as well, and copper pipes were stolen.

“MUCK” Reporting Forms

The Orange Police Department began utilizing the DOT MMUCC  Crash Data Collection Initiative, which Cuozzo describes as doing reports by answering a series of common questions similar to Turbo Tax.

“It’s 6-7 pages long instead of the basic 2 page report, but it is detailed and the state is happy with what Orange Police have turned in so far,” Cuozzo said. “The Department turned in 79 of these accident forms in January.”

Department Expenditures

• On Jan. 5, Orange Police paid a fee to use the training simulator at the Milford Police Department.

• Sgt. Jose Taverner will go to an administrative training course.

• Orange has software that gets detailed information on stolen items. New Haven uses the system and hopes that other regional departments also will use it.

• Officers Scott and Klein are going to a “train the trainer” class on “Fair and Impartial Policing.”

• The hallway outside the police meeting room is lined with boxes containing new AEDs for all of the police cars in the Orange fleet.

• With more female officers in the department, there was a need to install new lockers in the women’s locker room.

Taser• Updated tasers are now required per state statute. All but a couple of officers have been re-trained in taser use.

• The patrol and dispatch overtime budget is in the red, but Gagne is working it out with the Finance Department.

• Gagne met with the Board of Finance on Feb. 6 to discuss the department’s needs for the 2015-16 budget. The requests total about a half of a percent, so he believes their requests will be approved.

• Capital Planning – the radio project was approved.

• Officer Amarone has been doing a wonderful job with DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) and this week all three of the grammar school’s DARE classes are graduating.

2016 Marks 20 years of teaching DARE in Orange