Orange Police: Don’t Confront Criminals, Call The Police

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Nov 292021

On Saturday, November 24, 2021, just before 2 p.m., the owner of a home under construction on Skyview Road in Orange witnessed an unknown suspect in an orange ski mask enter her vehicle.
The vehicle had been left parked on the roadway, unlocked with the engine running, although the key fob was not present.
When the owner ran out of the home and yelled out to the suspect, he exited her vehicle with some items and entered a white Infinity Q50 bearing CT Reg AU92183 occupied by another unknown masked individual.
The Infinity was reported stolen out of Wethersfield. The complainant followed the vehicle onto Derby Avenue and while stopped at a traffic light, the driver of the Infinity opened the door, leaned out and pointed a handgun at her.
The complainant had called the police and was instructed to stop following the vehicle for her own safety as it entered Route 15.

Police Offer Advice

~ PLEASE, PLEASE, turn off the ignition and always lock your vehicles when not occupied.
~ Do not leave purses or other valuables visible in vehicles, especially as we enter the holiday season.
~ Report all suspicious activity and vehicles in your neighborhood to the police.
~ Do not confront these thieves as we are finding that they tend to be armed and unpredictable.