Orange Police Note: Millwork and Repaving On State Roads

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Jul 032020

The Orange Police announced the following roadwork that is currently taking place. Be aware of these projects and plan your detour routes accordingly.

State Route 121 (Grassy Hill Road / North Street) is being milled down and repaved from RT34 (Derby Avenue) in Orange to RT1 (Boston Post Road) in Milford. Road milling is being accomplished this week from 6:30 am – 4:00 pm.

Expect delays and use alternate routes when possible.

Paving will follow and will be accomplished from 7:00 pm – 5:00 am. The entire project will take a few weeks. Please use caution, be patient, and drive safely.

Notes In A Nutshell: Town Plan And Zoning

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Nov 072018

The Town Plan & Zoning Commission met on Wednesday, Nov. 7 at Town Hall. The agenda was sparse, but it included two very important business presentations.

Winery on Route 34

There is some movement with the Vineyard on Derby Avenue.

The grapevines that were planted when the family first purchased the property are now established and they have submitted a zone change request including new plans in which they are requesting to extend the planting area from 3.5 acres to a total of 5 acres and a tasting room inside their building to highlight the wine they produce there.

The kitchen that was included in the initial application has been eliminated.

A single-family residence inside the building also has been eliminated from the plans.

During the public hearing portion of the meeting, neighbors aired their concerns about the business and the potential impact on the neighborhood.

Chairman Ozzie Parente tabled the issue until the next regular meeting after which the town attorney would have had a chance to look over the papers and the Zoning Enforcement officer would have provided some insight.

Former Stew Leonard’s Property

The second item on the agenda was in regards to the former Stew Leonards property.

The purchaser provided paperwork the shows a large parcel that would be left undeveloped to protect the wetlands.

The new business would be closed during weekends, and only open until 5 p.m. on weekdays.

The new owners would provide an attractive berm and tree buffer to keep the business from being seen from I-95 and Marsh Hill Road.

The company presenters were secretive about the identity of the business (we’ve heard it’s a FEDEX  or UPS shipping company.)

The Majority of traffic would be from Edison Road. A total of 273 vehicles – employees and truck traffic would enter/exit each day.

                     Positive impact on the community

More than half a million in tax revenue for the town, employment opportunities, employees shopping at existing Orange  businesses.

This meeting continued past 9:40 p.m. To see what else was discussed before it was continued, click on the OGAT On Demand button at the top Left of this page and search for the Nov. 7 TP&Z meeting.