Are You Ready For Some Winter Weather?

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Jan 312021

The latest from the National Weather Service regarding winter storm “Cooper” shows the snow beginning to fall a few hours later than originally expected.

The weather this week will not be pleasant for some, but, this is New England after all and snow and bitterly cold temperatures are expected.

Snow will begin to fall overnight, but mainly after 4 a.m. It will be cloudy with a low temperature around 20 and wind chill values between 5 and 15. Total overnight snow accumulation is only expected to be about 1 to 2 inches.

The real snow event will be during the day on Monday with cold temperatures and wind chill values between 5 and 10 degrees. Be prepared for blustery northeast winds of 15 to 24 mph, with gusts as high as 38 mph and snow accumulation of 7 to 11 inches.

The worst of the storm is expected to occur between 1 and 7 p.m. with blizzard conditions. (5 p.m. rush hour traffic is expected to be slippery with low visibility)

Put all of these factors together and the one word to remember is “caution.” If you don’t have the means to pay someone to remove the snow for you, it may be a good idea to bundle up, (gloves, scarf, hat, waterproof winter boots, warm socks) and try to stay ahead of the storm by going out every couple of hours and shoveling for a short while.

See our story on proper shoveling technique to avoid injuring yourself. If you feel cold or get tired, especially if you have health issues or are older, by all means, go inside, get warm and relax.

The snow is expected to continue through Monday evening with lows around 28 (wind chill between 10 – 15) Windy with gusts up to 36 mph. Additional snowfall of 4 to 8 inches is possible.

And that’s not all on Tuesday more light snow is expected but only about an inch. But it’s going to super cold with the wind chill making it feel like 15 – 20 degrees. Blustery north winds of 15-21 mph.

If you don’t have to go out, PLEASE stay home.

If you have to do your own snow clean up, PLEASE do it in short shifts. Don’t overdo it.

DON’T Leave pets outside any longer than they must be to relieve themselves. If they tend to get “snowballs” on their feet remove them as soon as they come inside.

If you have a fire hydrant in front of your home, shovel around it so in the event of an emergency, firefighters won’t have to use valuable time doing that.

Keep your Laptop and cell phone charged just in case you lose power.

Fire Danger High Today

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Mar 262019

There will be enhanced potential for fire spread today as relative humidities fall into the teens to lower 20s, and winds gust to 20 to 25 mph.

Take care of your actions to prevent causing a dangerous situation. If you smoke, do not toss your cigarette butt out of the car window, as it can easily ignite dry grass or foliage at the side of the road.


Wind Advisory In Effect Until 7 AM Saturday

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Mar 022018

A Wind Advisory remains in effect until 7 a.m. Saturday, March 3.

Here’s what to expect:

Northbound winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.

The strongest winds, capable of downing trees and power lines, as well causing property damage will hit this afternoon and evening. Scattered power outages are possible.

Driving can be difficult, especially for high profile vehicles.

Use extra caution.

Be Careful: Watch For Black Ice

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Jan 152017

Weather warning: Patchy black ice develops tonight into early Monday.

The snow has melted and with temperatures expected to fall below freezing across the region, the residual moisture will refreeze.

Slippery conditions are anticipated on roads and sidewalks, so proceed with extra caution, drive slowly and give yourself extra time if you have to venture out.

Flash Flood Warning in Effect

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Nov 272013

thThere is a flash flood warning in effect for the Orange area until 11 a.m.

Watch for standing water and avoid places near streams and rivers that could suddenly cover a road.

Stay clear of standing water in roadways. Looks can be deceiving, if your car stalls you could become trapped inside.

Use your head, dial 911 for help if your car is filling with water and you cannot open your door or climb out of a window.

So far, the weather forecasters have NOT been spot on, but it is better to be prepared. The weather conditions MAY get worse as the day goes on. What will happen is anyone’s guess right now.

Wind Advisory In Effect Til 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 1

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Oct 312013

wind-advisoryA wind advisory remains in effect from 4 am to 4 pm Friday, Nov. 1.

Hazards include strong to possibly damaging winds.

Winds are expected to be south to southwest 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 50 mph. Isolated gusts up to 60 mph possible.

The winds increase tonight, with the strongest winds expected late tonight into the early friday afternoon.

Some downed trees and power lines are likely resulting in scattered power outages. the strong winds will also make for difficult driving for high profile vehicles.

Severe Thunderstorm Watch in Effect Until 9 P.M.

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Jul 202013

severe-thunderstorm-watchThis is a severe weather watch as described by Meteorologist Mike Cameron and Chief Meteorologist Bruce DePrest on www.wfsb.com.

Severe thunderstorms are possible this afternoon and evening; the Storm Prediction Center has included much of Connecticut in a “slight risk” for severe thunderstorms.  These storms could produce damaging wind and hail in addition to frequent cloud-to-ground lightning.

Storms that have already fired in Litchfield County have brought trees down onto power lines.  These storms are also be capable of producing blinding downpours, since the atmosphere is overloaded with moisture.

The cold front will move off to the south and east of New England Saturday night and Sunday.  That means the air will turn drier and a little cooler.  Sunday will be seasonably warm for a change with highs in the mid to upper 80s.  While that is not exactly refreshing, it will feel much better outside.  Sunday will feature a mix of clouds and sunshine with a chance for a stray shower or two.

The 5th  heat wave of the year is not in sight, at least for now.  Daytime highs will be in the 80s most if not all of next week.  There will be a frontal boundary lurking off the coast of New England and it could come close enough from time to time to bring showers to Connecticut.  In fact, we could get a pretty good soaking Monday night or Tuesday as a wave of low pressure forms on the front.  Lawns and gardens across the state could probably use a good soaking right about now since they have endured a full week of high heat.

Here is an update on this hot July…through today, July 19th, the average temperature for this month is 80.7 degrees at Bradley International.  If this month ended today, it would be by far the hottest July on record!  The existing record average temperature is 77.1 degrees, which was set in July 2010 and July 1994.  If July ended today it would also be the all-time hottest month on record….not just for July, but for any summer month!

We’ve now had 18 days (not including today) this year with a high temperature of at least 90 degrees at Bradley International.  By the time this heat wave is over that number will likely climb to 19 days.  The all-time record for a given year is 38 days of 90+ degree heat and that was set in 1983.  We still have a long way to go before this summer is over, but that will be a tough record to beat!

Keep your eye to the sky and tune into www.wfsb.com.


Get Ready For Some Wild Weather

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Jun 132013

Our Meteorologist Kevin Arnone tells you what to expect weather-wise today and tomorrow.

Rain is the story again with some possible thunderstorms during the day on Thursday.  

Expect rain to begin by noon on Thursday and continue until Friday afternoon.  

Anywhere from 3-5 inches of rain can be expected when all is said and done.  

One of my concerns is as this storm develops off shore on Friday we may experience wind gusts of 45+ MPH.  Add these winds to an already saturated ground and an additional 3-5 inches could spell downed trees and power outages!

Screen shot 2013-06-13 at 12.00.31 PM