Kevin’s Latest: Storm May Go Out To Sea

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Mar 232014

Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

If you are sick of the snow you may like Meteorologist Kevin Arnone‘s latest update:

I am sure a lot of you have heard the talk with a potential storm for mid-week next week. So far the 12Z NAM, GFS and GEM have shifted this storm east, showing barely snow for CT. The 00Z Euro from last night still had moderate accumulations. 
Waiting for the latest 12Z Euro to come out which will be in a few hours to confirm but it seems to me that this trend will be taking this snowstorm out to sea. We may luck out.

I will have more details later today but if you hate snow then consider yourself lucky!

Kevin Says: Possible Storm Coming Midweek

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Mar 222014

Snowfall059Meteorologist Kevin Arnone posted this forecast late last night:

We will have a mild day on Saturday in which we can reach mid 50’s and maybe even 60 if we have more sun than clouds. However a chance for an afternoon shower after 2 PM.

Temps will drop for Sunday as we will only be in the lower 40’s and once again drop for Monday as we return to the mid 30’s.

Now all focus is on Tuesday and Wednesday as the models have been hinting at a storm for the past few days now. I must say the last 3 times the models have hinted at something far out, they have all went out to sea, but this time the EURO, GEM and GFS are all pretty consistent with one another.

Still 5 days out, but something that I will be watching over the weekend. Storm impact would be later in the day on Tuesday into Wednesday morning and yes it will be snow. However this time of the year it’s hard for snow to stick to the surface due to sun angle but the impacts of this storm are at night, so that won’t be a problem.

Below are the 3 models which show this storm. Left shows the EURO, right shows the GEM and bottom is the GFS. All three are consistent with placement and timing. Usually this doesn’t happen 5 days out. GEM has this storm bombing out with a pressure of 961 MB. That’s CAT 1 Hurricane Status.


This Week’s Weather Starting With A Messy Monday Commute

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Mar 092014

Here’s Kevin Arnone’s forecast for this week.

A northwest wind will keep our temps cold for the day on Monday.

Quick round of snow showers is likely during the overnight hours on Sunday and into the morning commute on Monday. No model has over 1/2 inch of snow for accumulation, so I would say a slippery commute is possible Monday morning with a coating of accumulation.

Day time highs are around the mid 40’s this time of the year and we will surpass that on Tuesday as we will be flirting with 50 degrees! Also you will be enjoying a sunset  at 7 p.m. by March 16th.

Both the GFS and EURO and Canada computer models are hinting at possible snowstorm for Wednesday into Thursday. It is still a few days away but models have been keeping this Low Pressure system around the same area past few days.

The top left picture is the EURO, top right is the GFS and bottom is the Canada.Green/blue shows QPF (amount of precipitation for 6 hour period).

Black lines are isobars which are lines of pressure.

The lines with a space in them are temp values, Light blue below 32, Blue is 32 and red is above 32.

There is no lock in this forecast just yet, a lot will change over the next few days. The forecast will completely depend on storm track and where the storm center goes over.

If the storm center moves directly over CT, it will start as rain then as colder air moves in during the back end of the storm it will end as snow.

If the storm center moves way inland, it will be all rain.

If the storm center pushes out to sea just a bit, it will be a mostly snow event.

I don’t see any indications of this being a blockbuster snowstorm, but if this systems track moves out to sea just enough, 6+ inches isn’t out of the questions for inland CT. Right now the models have different solutions, I hope by Monday night  I will have a better understanding.

weather forecast

UPDATED: Kevin’s Snowstorm Forecast

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Feb 122014

Brace yourselves, here’s the latest from our Meteorologist Kevin Arnone.

Lets get right down to business and skip all theweather model talk.

Snow will begin 2-4 a.m. Thursday morning.   Flurries possible as early as midnight. By the time most of us wake up 7-9 a.m. expect 2-4 inches on the ground.

As the storm center approaches closer during the afternoon on Thursday warmer air will come with it.

The SE corner of the State and possibly parts of the immediate shoreline will turn over to a mix; this is because the winds will be coming off the Atlantic Ocean and warm up the surface.

The exact timing of this is still up in the air but a rough estimate will be between 12-5 p.m. By the time the switch over occurs most of the state will have 3-6 inches on the ground exception being SE CT, 2-4 for you guys.

The rain/snow line will try and push NW during the afternoon, but (AS OF NOW) I believe the cold air will win out for the rest of the state and stay as an all snow event.

I am expecting a break in the action from 5-8 p.m., very light precip or nothing at all in some locations.  Even though some of us may switch over to a mix briefly, a second burst of snow 8-10 p.m. we are all back to snow again for the remainder of the storm.

An additional 3-6 inches will fall in this second burst for inland areas.  Shore and SE CT will be towards the lower end of that!

Snow will continue through the night and end 4-7 a.m. Friday morning.

The chance of flurries and blowing snow will continue through Friday morning.  I expect schools to be closed both Thursday and Friday!

I also want to point out that this is a prettypowerful storm; winds gusts will be between 35-45 MPH.  Also add on the fact that the snow will be very heavy.  It could be a recipe for many power outages.

Kevin Arnone’s Local Forecast

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Jan 022014

Snowfall059The latest from Meteorologist Kevin Arnone

After analyzing data from today, I am very confident in a forecast for the next few days.

Expect snow to begin after midnight tonight (Wednesday night) and continuing throughout the night and much of the morning.  This will be a very light snow falling at a light pace.  By early afternoon tomorrow only expect 1-2 inches.

There will be breaks in the action during the day tomorrow where the sun may even peek out for a few minutes.

As the storm moves off shore it will develop into a much more powerful organized storm.  This will occur late Thursday night.  A much steadier snow will fall sometime after 10 PM Thursday Night depending upon the exact track of the storm.  Winds will pick up; gusts of 40+ mph are very possible.

Snow will continue through the overnight hours on Thursday night and come to an end early Friday Morning.

When it is all said and done 5-10 Inches throughout the state of CT with some spots of 10+.

It will be very tough to get an accurate snow measure Friday Morning because of snow drifts!

One thing I am worried about is the wind chill values.

Thursday night wind chills throughout the state will be well below 0 degrees.

If you are outside make sure you wear layers.

Kevin’s Forecast: Should Be Clear For Wednesday Night Concert

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Jul 162013

Screen shot 2013-07-16 at 4.10.56 PMA heat advisory is in effect until 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

Don’t hesitate to use one of the town’s Cooling Centers (Library or High Plains Community Center) to get some relief.

Here is Kevin Arnone’s Forecast from https://ctforecast4u.com/

Tuesday: High 91-94. M. Sunny, Humid. NW 10-15 mph

Tuesday Night: Low 70-72. Clear. NE 5-15 mph

Wednesday: High 92-94. M. Sunny, Humid. SW 5-15 mph

Wednesday Night: Low 72-74. Clear. SW 5-15 mph

Thursday: High 94-96. M. Sunny, Very Humid, Ch. T-Storm. W 10-15 mph

Thursday Night: Low 73. Few Clouds. W 5-15 mph

Friday: High 92-97. M. Sunny, Very Humid, Ch. T-Storm. SW 5-15 mph

Friday Night: Low 73-74. Few Clouds. SW 5-15 mph

Saturday: High 89-92. Very Humid, PM Storms, May Be Strong. SW 10-15 mph

Chilly Days Ahead — Bundle Up If You’re An Amity Sports Fan

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Apr 222013

Not so springlike

Not so springlike

Meteorologist Kevin Arnone presents this week’s weather forecast.

Sunday Night: Low 30-36. Clear. E 5-15 mph

Monday: High 55-57. Sunny. E 15-25 mph

Monday Night: Low 34-38. Clouds. NE 10-20 mph

Tuesday: High 52-54. Clouds. NE 10-20 mph

Tuesday Night: Low 38-41. Clouds. NE 5-15 mph

Wednesday: High 62-66. Sunny. S 10-20 mph

Wednesday Night: Low 41-43. T- Storms. S 5-15 mph

The Latest From Kevin: It’s Springtime – Guess Mother Nature Didn’t Get the Memo

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Mar 212013

More Snow?

More Snow?

From Meteorologist Kevin Arnone:

Flurries during the overnight hours Wednesday Night, very possible for a coating in some Towns, so don’t be surprised if you wake up to some very very light accumulations on the ground (Trace or coating) but most people won’t see anything Thursday Morning.

During the day on Thursday a storm will develop off shore a bit to far away to impact Connecticut significantly but it’s very possible some of the energy may just clip SE CT.  Enough to maybe drop upwards to an inch.  

Something to watch during the morning on Thursday to see where that storm sets up and how it will impact CT.

I threw together a quick map to show the potential of what the storm on Thursday may bring!

Kevin Is Back: This Week’s Local Weather Forecast

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Mar 172013

From our meteorologist Kevin Arnone:

Next storm potential is Monday Night into Tuesday.

I have been on vacation the past ten days so I can’t tell you how well the models have been handling this storm but as of today the models are pretty consistent with wintry weather impacting Connecticut Monday night into Tuesday.

 As of now seems to be mostly an Inland head ache, shore looks like it will stay all rain.  

I will be updating frequently due to my absence 🙂

Kevin's Forecast

Welcome Back Kevin