Surprised-Looking Pumpkin Wins First Orange Pumpkin Blaze

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Nov 152020

A surprised, one-eyed pumpkin won the People’s Choice Award at the Orange Volunteer Fire Department’s first pumpkin-carving contest.

Adria Boyle won the top prize. She carved the face into the surface of the pumpkin. And to make it just a little more Halloween-scary, the missing eye – a chunk of stringy pumpkin – sits on the bench in front of the winning gourd.


Other winners included:

Brynn Panapada, Happiest pumpkin

Kate Panapada, Cutest pumpkin

Chloe Clemens, Prettiest pumpkin

Helene Flynn, Best traditional pumpkin

Silas Hill, Most hungry pumpkin

Kaury and Ian Kucera, Most intricate pumpkin

Zoe Kucera, Most adorable pumpkin

Melissa Parniawski, Spookiest pumpkin

Orange Children’s Dentistry, Most unusual pumpkin

Mia Quoka, Most athletic pumpkin

Greyson Fatone, Most team-spirited pumpkin

All winners received a certificate and more importantly, had fun.

“We created this contest to give people a little extra fun during a Halloween season during which the nouveau coronavirus prevented a lot of traditional activities,” said Rob Panapada, the Orange firefighter who created and coordinated the program. “All the participants said they had a good time. We hope the Orange Pumpkin Blaze will become a new Orange tradition.”

And The Winners Are: Odyssey Greek Festival Raffle Results

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Sep 052018

The St. Barbara Greek Orthodox Church Odyssey Festival took place over the Labor Day weekend.

Aside from the fabulous food, delightful dancing, and the great sense of community, the one thing that excited festival goers most was the thought of winning one of the ten amazing raffle prizes.

The huge spinning barrel was filled with slips of paper representing the participant’s dreams.

On Monday evening, several volunteer children lined up for a turn at picking a winning ticket.

The delightful Rev. Peter J. Orfanakos gave each child directions on the proper way to grab a ticket (just one). Watching those interactions was worth hanging around for.

The anxious crowd held its collective breath as the first number for the $10,000 first place prize was announced — #01936, Ken Cappetta of Branford

… and breathe

Second prize a 55″ Samsung Television – #08270, Theodora Dogani of Wallingford

For the third prize, all of the teenagers gathered around the table, hoping to hear their name called as the winner of the X Box One – #15212, John Fulton of Ansonia

… and the teens all walked away.

Fourth prize, a Netgear 3-Camera Security System – #16833, Joan Lawlor of Ansonia

Fifth prize, a Kitchen Aid Mixer – #15686, Gregory Hrampanis of East Haven

Sixth prize, a Samsung Tab A – #09750, Jenny Dadoulis of Norwalk

Seventh prize, a Keurig Coffee Maker – #07070, Michele Moore of New Haven

Eighth prize, a Shark Lift-Away Vacuum – #08451, Sylvia Antonellis of Orange  (look! someone from Orange DID win!)

Ninth prize, a Fitbit Activity Tracker – #16782, Sal Grillo of West Haven

and finally tenth prize, a HP Wireless Printer/Copy/Scan/Fax – #16418, Cynthia Hempel of Milford

Congratulations to all the winners and a big THANK YOU to everyone else who participated in the raffle, your support means a lot to us!

We will see you next year at the 39th Annual Odyssey Festival!

Orange Grammar School Olympics, True Athletes Working Hard and Having Fun

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Jun 212013

A victorious moment from the olympic games.

A victorious moment from the olympic games.

On Wednesday, June 12, Orange Live attended the Orange Elementary School Olympics at the Orange Fairgrounds.

For seven years Jim Ronai has been running the event, and this year more than 150 Orange students were conditioned and ready to compete against their peers from the three elementary schools during the games.
The student athletes must qualify in order to compete in one or more of the seven featured events.One of the goals of the program is to give children an opportunity to display their athletic talents in a school affiliated venue.

The hope was that many of these students would associate this positive experience with their academic experience and pride in their work, thus producing the foundation for the development of true student athletes.

The kids work hard to qualify and during the competitions. They show good sportsmanship and support one another during the games.

After receiving medals two student athletes approached Ronai and told him that a mistake had been made and someone else had earned it. This was the kind of true athlete that the Orange Schools has produced.

Once again Amity alum “Mr. Personality” Ed Choiniere volunteered his time as DJ and Emcee.

Ronai said he and Choiniere attended Amity High School at the same time and they’ve done the event together every year since the beginning. “It just works so well,” he said.

Winners List

Grade 5 Girls

Mile Run — 1. Ruth Cortright 2. Vera Belfonti 3. Rika Howard

100 Yd Dash — 1 Ruth Cortright 2 Emani Barrett 3 Chloe Smith

Shuttle — 1. Madisson Smith 2. Tess Csejka 3. Ana Carney

Broad Jump — 1. Lena Hildrich 2. Chloe Smith 3. Madisson Smith

Softball Throw — 1. Marissa Dwyer 2. Kelly Thomas 3. Jenna Walsh

Cannonball — 1. Marissa Dwyer  2. Kelly Thomas 3. America Cerrilos

Grade 6 Girls

Mile Run — 1. Madelyn Ciscowski 2. Abby Bowser 3. Clare Zorena

100 Yd Dash — 1. Avery Malone 2. Kaylee Huber 3. Lani Beaudette

Shuttle — 1. Gina Driscoll 2 Rebecca Doyle 3. Izabella Jones

Broad Jump — 1. Lani Beaudette 2 Kaylee Huber 3. Christie Recine

Softball Throw — 1. Olivia Pisano 2. Chermaine Robichard 3. Sarah Chung

Cannonball — 1. Avery Malone 2. Marcelle Gagnon 3. Makayla Syphrette

Grade 5 Boys

Mile Run — 1. Julian Barroso 2. Evan Arovas 3. Mitchell Sousa

100 Yard Dash — 1 Bret Hutchinson 2. Jake Forchetti 3. Ali Bobi

Shuttle — 1 Nico Semmonella 2. Billy Regan 3. Jeremiah Schmidtke

Broad Jump — 1 Jeremiah Morrero, 2. Eddie Martino 3. Brett Hutchinson

Softball Throw — 1 Joe DiGello 2. Will Rotko 3. Connor Bath

Cannonball — Jeremiah Morrero 2. Joe DiGello 3. Andy Gnidula

Grade 6 Boys

Mile Run — 1. Cole Bova 2. Connor Visnic 3. David DeMattia

100 Yard Dash — 1. Sean Nusdeao 2. Joey DiBenedetto 3. Michael Bier

Shuttle — 1 Collin Hughes 2. Max Dragan 3. Michael Vitagliano

Broad Jump — 1. Zack Hochman 2. Jeremy Robichard 3. Xian-Zheng Zhong

Softball Throw — 1. Anthony Esposito 2. Michael Young 3. Jacob Lettick

Cannonbal — 1. Charlie Hoddinott 2 Sean Nusdeo 3. Anthony Esposito


Did You Win A Raffle Prize? The Winners Announced

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Aug 052012

Kelsey Osinski hands a winning ticket to Sgt. Ray LaPlante, who passes it to another officer, and so forth as is protocol.

At 4:30 p.m. raffle ticket holders gathered around the raffle tent on the Orange Fairgrounds with the hopes of hearing his or her name or number during the drawing.

One by one Kelsey Osinski pulled the winning tickets, checked it to make sure it was properly filled  out then passed it to Sgt. Ray LaPlante to check. Another Police officer and Raffle Tent Chairman Leo Moran all checked out the tickets before handing them off to Fire Chief Charlie Gagel who announced each winner, first by announcing the prizes, then the ticket numbers, followed by the winners’ names.

The Raffle Winners of the 2012 Orange Volunteer Fire Auxiliary Raffle ARE:

1) Mexico Riviera Maya Riu Palace

#109537  Matt McMellon of Orange

2) Disney Caribbean Beach Resort

#117599  Deb Bereski of Orange

3) Bahamas Atlantic Resort Coral Towers

#083263  Rich Standish of West Haven

4) Eastern Carribbean Cruise on Norwegian Epic

#045293  Evan Jones of Orange

5) American Diamond Exchange Gift Certificate

#140294 Helen Doyle of Orange

6) Generac 7500 Watt Electric Start Generator

#146630  Natalie Johnson of Orange

7) iPad WiFi 16GB

#074941 Phyllis Iannone of Orange

8) Samsung 43″ Plasma TV

#037041 Irene Bergeron of Killingworth

9) $400 SHELL fuel gift card

#123632  ? Barshuliak of Orange

10) $300 Foxwoods Casino Gift card

#001679  Walt Syracuse of Orange

11) Stihl BR350 Backpack Blower

#145830  Ken Ziman of Orange

12) Stop & Shop $200 Gift Card

#000325  Suzane Donnelly of Milford

13) Tickets to New Haven Open at Yale Tennis Tournament

#067281  John Lacko of Orange

Congratulations to all the winners!