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As many of you know Orangectlive is my only job, aside from taking care of my granddaughter. I put in about 60 hours per week, often working into the wee small hours of the morning.

My web host company owner set up this page where readers could donate money if they choose to, but I was not comfortable with “telling” anyone a specific amount to give, that just isn’t me.

I have left the templates up and they give a WIDE variety of options. If you are put off by the higher ones, simply ignore them.

By no means does any of this mean that anyone has to PAY for Orangectlive, I will continue doing this site no matter what happens.

It’s an honor for me to provide this service and I truly appreciate any support you can provide.

If you choose to, you may mail a check payable to OrangeCTLive.com to 131 Clark St., Milford, CT 06460, or use one of these options below:


The Tip Jar – One-Time Donation Options

Monthly Automatic Draft Subscription Options

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