Klarides Testifies In Favor of 3D Image Screening For Women

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Mar 082018

House Republican Leader Themis Klarides on Thursday testified before members of the legislature’s Insurance and Real Estate Committee about clarifying insurance codes to make certain that Tomosynthesis, a three-dimensional image screening process, is considered a mammography. Klarides was joined by Dr. Thomas Farquhar, chief of radiology at Hartford Hospital.

In 2016, Klarides got legislation passed that requires insurances companies to cover Tomosynthesis if a patient’s physician deems it necessary. But since then, Klarides has learned that some insurance companies weren’t covering Tomosynthesis because they didn’t consider it a mammography.

The committee’s leadership thanked Klarides for not only pursuing the legislation last year but for coming back this year to make sure it’s done right. Farquhar said the process is more likely to identify breast cancer, and that the test saves lives.

Klarides’s 3-D Breast Screening Bill Passes

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May 092016

Klarides Passes Orange FundingHouse Republican Leader Themis Klarides hailed the passage of her 3-D imaging breast cancer screening bill that has cleared the Senate and now heads to the Governor’s office for final approval.

The legislation would add Tomosynthesis screenings, essentially a 3-D profile, to the mix of options that would be covered by insurance policies. The procedure would make it easier to detect early signs of breast cancer. The measure does not require medical provider to use Tomosynthesis screening, but affords providers with the option knowing that a patient’s insurance will cover it.

“Connecticut has consistently been a leader when it comes to providing excellent coverage for breast cancer screenings,’’ Klarides said. “This bill adds to that legacy.’’

Tomosynthesis is an FDA approved method of mammography that produces three dimensional images of  the breast. Klarides urged support for the bill and asked that residents contact their respective lawmakers and the Governor to make it law. 

“Short of a cure, early detection of breast cancer is the best step we can take against cancer and help save lives,’’ Klarides said. “IU appreciate so greatly the support  that this legislation has received in both the House and Senate and from Democrats and Republicans.’’