Thank You For Coming Out To Vote

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Sep 062018

Plenty of residents attended the Special Town Meeting at the High Plains Community Center on Wednesday, September 5, at 7:30 p.m.

The meeting was to consider and act on the purchase of property known as 28 Salemme Lane from Orange Land Development Holdings, LLC contingent on the receipt of a grant-in-aid in the amount of $6,143,250.00 from the State of Connecticut.

The town needed at least 100 registered voters to attend and vote on the matter, which was no problem.

The vote passed.


Aug 162016

TP&ZThe Orange Town Plan and Zoning Commission will meet at Town Hall tonight at 7:30 p.m.

Following is the agenda:

1. Review of the Minutes from the August 2, 2016 and August 9, 2016 meetings. (not yet available)

2. Old Business.

Buttonball property has shown no real progress. A fence is scheduled to be installed. All debris on property was cleaned up and put into a truck – the truck remains on the property.

3. New Business.

4. Report of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

Dunkin Donuts building is framed and moving forward.

Recreation Showroom building that will be an “eye care business” is going along very well. retaining pond came out great.

The Tractor Supply business is nearly finished. Landscaping was done. The sign on Indian River actually could have been raised another 15 feet making it more visible.

-Review of Zoning Activities Log.

TP&Z5. SITE PLAN APPLICATION – Submitted by Orange Land Development LLC For the construction of a mixed-use Transit Oriented Development. The subject property is an 8.091-acre site located beyond the eastern end of Salemme Lane. The subject property is shown as “0 Marsh Hill Road,” containing 8.091 acres, on Map #2369 on file at the Orange Town Clerk’s office, and is designated by the Orange Assessor as Map/Block/Lot 3-1- 1. An APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATE OF SOIL EROSION AND SEDIMENT CONTROL MEASURES has also been submitted in conjunction with this project

Several representatives were available to speak about the application.

Very little changes have been made to the master site plan.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.42.20 PMSalemme Lane will be expanded to 28-feet wide. Water main will be brought in.

(See Orange Live’s Coverage from their presentation at the Police Commission meeting)

Plans include a Yale-Orange Campus pedestrian connection.

This project includes the total reconstruction of Salemme Lane at their cost.

Storm drainage … The retention pond will accommodate run off and storm water.

The presentation was interrupted when the public hearing session began at 8 p.m. 


Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.32.48 PM* 6. APPLICATION FOR SPECIAL EXCEPTION, PERMIT OR USE – Submitted by property owner West Haven-OAK St. L.L.C. For property known as 858 Oakwood Road. The application is submitted as per Section 383-26 I. (3) (a) and (b). The proposal is for the construction of a 40’ x 30’ barn to be used for storage and equipment to support an organic farm operation. A larger ground coverage and additional height is requested.

(This is George “Doc” Whitney’s former homestead)

Bill Berletti said his daughter Stephanie has experience working at Organic Farms and plans to open one in Orange.

Chairman Clark said the plans should be prepared by an architect and that was not presented.

Doc Whitney had a Garage that was destroyed by a tree that came down so all that remains is a cement slab. A new building would replace it.

Stephanie would start out using 1.5 acres of open land for her farm.

Ground testing has been done and the soil passed the test for an organic operation.

The future involves selling to local restaurants and perhaps farm stands.

The application with one exception (the missing paperwork) was unanimously approved.

— Back to the Train Station Property —

tp&Z*7. APPLICATION FOR RE-SUBDIVISION – Submitted by Orange Land Development LLC for property on Marsh Hill Road (Assessor’s Map/Block/Lot 3-1- 1) and Salemme Lane that comprises a total of approximately 8.091 acres. The property is located to the east of Marsh Hill Road and to the east of Salemme Lane. The application seeks to divide the property into five lots in connection with the construction of a mixed-use Transit Oriented Development.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) involvement and requirements seem to be complicating the matters at hand as the Commissioners are questioning the reasons for dividing the land and why the buildings are being constructed as they are.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 7.45.30 PMUp to five individuals could own different lots within the development.

Chairman Walter Clark suggested Town Attorney Vin Marino look over the documents prior to the Commission making any decisions on the matter.

Attorney Steven Studer representing Dichello Distributors said he believes the subdivision plans meet the town zoning regulations, and the TODD portion also complies with the town’s requirements.

The 2 hour discussion became rather involved. — for the complete interaction, go to the Video on Demand link under our OGAT button — and look for the Aug. 16 TP&Z Commission meeting video.