Boys Hockey: Battle at Bennett Amazing Game Between Amity and West Haven

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Feb 012019

The Amity Boys Ice Hockey team has had a run of bad luck in recent weeks, but their spirit is still strong and their coach Mike “Scooter” Richetelli has faith that they will come back and start winning again.

On Wednesday, the Spartans ranked 10th in DII, went up against the West Haven Blue Devils, ranked 6th in DI. The coach said they are mirror images of one another. Both teams play hard and they are both tight-knit groups — like brothers. The boys know one another personally, and they even shared the same bus for a season-opening scrimmage in Massachusetts in December.

There’s no denying that West Haven is a good team. Most of their victories were 3 – to – 4 points over their opponents, so for Amity, a DII team, to keep the point spread this close is a credit to their skill.

West Haven’s Kaden Morgillo put the Blue Devils on the scoreboard in the first period, assisted by Conner Fowler and Kevin Moriarty at 6:32.

First Period Score: 1-0 West Haven

Amity really didn’t waste much time tying the game in the second period. At 4:48 Jason Csejka made a goal, assisted by Cody White.

West Haven pulled ahead about 2:30 minutes later when Nikolas Kyle slipped one past Amity Goalie Malachi Zurolo on an assist from Moriarty.

Second Period Score: 2-1 West Haven

The third period was just a flurry of action and excitement. The Blue Devils fired shot after shot at Zurolo and the Spartans bombarded Jared Pliszka with shots. Both goalies went over and above doing their jobs. It was crazy.

The final few seconds of the game were insane. Zurolo was pulled, in a common strategic move, in order to get an extra man on the ice.

At any moment, West Haven could have taken control of the puck and easily scored again, but Amity was able to hold them off and keep the puck on the opposite end of the rink.

No one scored, a huge credit to Zurolo and Pliszka, each team’s defensive line and the coaches.

Final Score: West Haven won this one 2-1.

Records: Amity 7-6, West Haven 8-6

Seven Year Old Girl: “How many pucks are out there now?”

Grandmother: “One.”

Girl: “Why not two?”

                                                    Grandmother: “Well each team has to try to get the puck and hit it into the net to score. If there were two out there                                                                at the same time then it would be a free-for-all and not much of a challenge.”

Girl: “Why?”

Grandmother: “Those are just the rules. — I’m going to watch the game now.”

Next Up For Amity: The Spartans host East Haven (5-1-7) at Bennett Rink on Saturday, Feb. 2 at 3 p.m. This is the Spartans’ Senior Day Game. Come on out and cheer on our boys and hopefully witness their comeback victory. 

Boys, why not dedicate this game to your senior members. Keep them on your minds with every move you make. Just Believe you can win this and you will. Let’s go Spartans!

Beardsley Zoo Director Makes Big Announcement At Tiger Cubs’ Birthday Celebration

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Nov 252018

Fans of Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo are aware that the two female Amur Tiger Cubs, Reka, and Zeya turned one-year-old on Sunday, Nov. 25.

The birthday celebration included free tiger bookmarks for the first 500 people through the gate, and two encore presentations of Fostering Felines, a presentation from Animal Care Specialist Bethany Thatcher. Tiger Talks, highlighting the plight of Amur tigers in the wild, took place in front of the habitat throughout the day. Proceeds from the sale of Team Reka, Team Zeya, or Team Tiger Cubs t-shirts and tiger cub stuffed animals go to a proposed expanded tiger habitat.

Zoo Director Gregg Dancho, who began working at the zoo in 1975, and earned his way up to his current position, has always yearned to have a larger habitat for the Tigers who live there.

After the rare tigers were born, nurtured by caring human “parents” and thrived in spite of their 25% chance of survival, the zoo began an ambitious fundraising campaign to see Dancho’s dream come true, build a massive, more appropriate habitat for these beautiful cats.

While their caregivers placed the cubs’ birthday presents around their enclosure, Dancho addressed the crowd who’d come to attend the birthday celebration.

He gave a brief history of the tigers at the zoo and described the enormity of the proposed upgrade. Then he made a big announcement. Just in time for the Cubs’ first birthday, the zoo received a $1,000,000 donation for the tiger habitat from longtime zoo supporter, Pamela Hope Kochiss-Werth.

“The existing tiger habitat was built several decades ago and has been on our wish list to expand and renovate. Our intention is to create a habitat more in keeping with 21st century accredited zoo standards,” Dancho said. “We are overwhelmed with gratitude at Pam’s extreme generosity.”
“The Zoo is asking for matching donations,” Dancho said, “Everyone has an opportunity now to help. There’s no donation too small.”

This is the first grant made by Kochiss-Werth’s new foundation and reflects her individual philanthropy. “As a Bridgeport native, I have many fond memories as far back as 1958, of enjoying wonderful times with my family at Beardsley Park and the Zoo,” she said in a press release. “I feel honored and blessed to be able to contribute to the Zoo’s growth, important programs, and life-enriching contributions to Bridgeport and all Connecticut communities.”

And at 12 p.m., after the cubs received their presents, guests were treated to chocolate and vanilla striped cake and hot chocolate and hot apple cider.

FACTS: When these tiger cubs were born, they had only a 25 percent chance of survival and were the only two Amur cubs added to the Association of Zoos and Aquarium’s Amur tiger population in 2017.

Sadly, tigers are thought to occupy less than 7 percent of their original range, according to the AZA’s statistics. Threatened by poaching, tiger-human conflict, habitat loss and degradation, and loss of prey, four of nine subspecies have disappeared from the wild.

Celebrate The Tiger Cubs First Birthday At The Zoo

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Nov 232018

Reka and Zeya are turning one, on Sunday, November 25, 2018, so come out to celebrate the beautiful tigers’ special day at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, 1875 Noble Avenue, Bridgeport, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We’ve all watched them grow from less than 2 pounds each with a 25% chance of survival to almost 200 pounds and healthy members of their species.

The day will include two presentations at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., in the Research Station by tiger Animal Care Specialist, Bethany, describing how the cubs were rescued and raised.

Cake and hot chocolate for all guests at noon, with special birthday enrichment gifts for the cubs, and Tiger Talks in front of the tiger habitat all day.

The first 500 guests receive a free tiger bookmark. And the zoo will be selling Team Tiger t-shirts.

Don’t miss this very special day.